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Posted: October 30, 2016 at 7:26 pm

Hi There
We are a rescue in Yellowknife NWT and we have in our care 9 dogs that we took from a hoarding situation in Inuvik. There are still a number of dogs up there but we can only take so many. Most of these dogs are near feral. But two, a mother and daughter both seniors, are very friendly. They are in the same kennel together and clover the younger almost gave up on life before we received her mom Airabelle. Clover actually came to us with Pyometra and nearly died. She had a hysterectomy. Airabelle has a limp in her front leg.
So I was hoping you could take on these two beautiful girls. They are so sweet and loving and have been basically breeding their entire life. The other younger dogs we believe are their kids.

and then this update
Airabelle is the older dog and has a limp. She is the mother of Clover. Clover is becoming more shy and wary here at the shelter. They go everywhere together and will be scared by the time they reach you. Clover may. Maybe keep them in the crates until you get in a secured area.
Airabelle is quite friendly and affectionate. Clover is as well but she needs to feel comfortable. We separate them when we feed them as I think one was hogging the food. They sleep together on a soft bed.
We are so happy SAINTS is going to take these beautiful ladies. You are going to just love them. If you could send pictures of them when they settle I would be grateful. They have had a horrible life and deserve the absolute very best comfort from now on.

michelle and i will be picking them up at the airport tomorrow morning…send positive thoughts that they are not too traumatized by the flight and please extend a very warm welcome to airabelle and clover..our soon to be newest saints!



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  • shelagh f says

    I have seen the message and know you won’t be needing
    me for pick up. Sounds like a sad pair, hope they will be
    able to settle in well to Saints and so nice they can come
    together. It is so nice to hear there
    are great rescuers all over the country.

  • Ali says

    Lovely ladies! Can’t wait to meet them 😀

  • Janet says

    Beautiful girls. Can only imagine what they have endured. I am so happy that their ship has come in!

  • Brenda says

    Sad existence for these 2 old gorgeous gals…so glad you’re bringing them here together to enjoy a whole new life at Saints…they’re gonna love it once they settle in…and Carol, you’re so gifted at getting traumatized animals to feel comfortable and loved. Hope the pick up goes smoothly tomorrow.

  • Caroline says

    Those eyes are soo sad, wish we could tell them they will be ok. Hope your tv’s are on very loud tonight so they don’t have to endure fireworks on top of everything else.

  • Penny says

    Can’t wait to see them in a few weeks, when they are settled at Saints, and those sad little faces are smiling!

  • alyson nerker says

    Can’t wait to meet them. Glad they’re together and I wish them the best. At least this is a paw in the right direction.

  • Michelle says

    They ARE as beautiful as they look❤️❤️

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