mini updates

Posted: November 1, 2016 at 7:42 pm

tink went off to her new home today…YAY!

sid and max will be on CTV tomorrow at noon in honor of senior animals day.

mesu’s bloodwork is back..looks like it is just her bad mouth that is causing her problems..too old and frail for surgery so we are going for long term antibiotics and pain meds and will see how she does.

airabelle and clover are doing great! i popped in to check on them after work. airabelle wanted treats and pets and clover wanted to play a couple of gentle rounds of tug with the toys. so glad we said yes to them…sweet, sweet and gentle dogs!

i bought myself the new star trek movie on my lunch break today…the giant goof offs in my bedroom are in for a treat..i am coming to bed to watch it early!
they LOVE it when i come to bed early!!!

3 Comments on "mini updates"

  • shelagh f says

    ariabelle was really happy to meet me, Clover was a little
    more reserved, but she did accept a few pats on the chin.
    both pretty dogs, no worse for ware for their big adventure
    on the plane. its a good movie, enjoy

  • Helga says

    Hope Me-Su will be OK. Love that cat to bits. She is a feisty old lady.

  • Brenda says

    Oh I hope I can catch the noon news tomorrow to see Sid and Max……so glad to hear about the 2 new gals settling in too….

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