Another Voting Contest… But We Would Appreciate Your Vote!

Posted: November 7, 2016 at 10:42 am


THANK YOU!! 🐾❤️We made it to the voting stage!! Geezer, all of us & the animals at SAINTS thank you all very much for your nominations! There’s 10 finalists so now we need an even bigger push for your VOTES!!!

👉🏼How to VOTE👈🏼

Visit Benefit Brew
Click BC for the province
Scroll to SAINTS Rescue & click to vote! That’s it!

1 vote per day per device – feel free to vote like it’s your daily ritual from TODAY until NOVEMBER 18😷

Benefit Brew is a campaign initiated by @phillipsbeer where they brew a beer for a charity and donate ALL proceeds to the winning charity! Up to $10,000!

10 Comments on "Another Voting Contest… But We Would Appreciate Your Vote!"

  • Kim Howcroft says

    Congrats on the nomination, I am sure you had many ( including me) who nominated Saints. When voting, the Phillips website allowes one vote per computer, so I was able to vote on my computer, ipad and iPhone, so that allows people to cart 3 votes a day! Hopefully it will let me do this every day. Sheila, I was wondering if the bake sale is on this year, and if so, do you know what sells the best?

  • Brenda says

    Yeah, I was able to vote on both my phone and Ipad too as it’s one vote per device…

  • suzanne says

    do you have to be a resident of Canada in order to vote?

  • I don’t believe so Suzanne. Thank you!!

    GO SAINTS!!!

  • Pam in Nashville says


  • suzanne says

    Oh excellent… I usually get excluded from these things because I’m in the States. Just voted on my PC and again on my phone..
    Go Saints!

  • That’s awesome. Thanks Suzanne! You can vote each day on each device up to the 18th!!

    Thanks for your vote too Pam!

  • Sheryl says

    Can anyone tell me why it won’t let me vote on my phone? Do I need an app or something?

  • Hi Sheryl
    No app needed. You should be able to – the only time it won’t allow you to is if you have already voted within the 24-hr time frame.
    • Go to
    • scroll to SAINTS and click on it to vote.
    • votes are once for each device/day
    Thank you!!

  • Sheryl says

    Thanks for the reply, Karen.

    It won’t accept the vote on my cell phone. I can vote okay on the computer but not the phone. Perhaps I have some setting on my phone that is blocking it. If so, I have no idea what it is.

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