snow is a big issue

Posted: December 9, 2016 at 8:36 am

we have 120 animals who do require care and snow can really impact the ability of people to get here to provide them the basics of care.

so i am a bit worried..not so much about today, because i am here and can help. but tomorrow and sunday become a major issue because i will be at work.

the simple solution is..well don’t go into work. but that is not an option..fraser health’s policy is snowfall is not a legit excuse..they offer alternatives like decent snow tires, planning to stay over night closer to the workplace etc and their policy is such because caring for sick people does not go on hold because it happens to snow.

so..i will be going to work this weekend to care for people and i really am hoping and praying that folks can safely get here to care for the animals while i am away.

for those who do get here..a couple of things..

firstly the shop water is frozen so all water will need to be gotten from the house.
secondly just worry about basics…
fresh food and waters, dry beds, clean floors.

hopefully each municipality is doing their job to keep major routes safe and accessible so all of us can get to where we need to be.
anyone coming up the hill to saints from the highway would be best to come up stavelake is the road that leads to the workyards and city hall so they keep on top of it pretty well.

8 Comments on "snow is a big issue"

  • Ali says

    My car is in the shop getting snow tires as I type. ❄️️❄️️❄️️

  • Lynne arnason says

    I am coming

  • alyson nerker says

    I’m good to go as well with snow tires already on. Looking forward !

  • Brenda says

    I have snow tires too, and should be good, unless this snow storm continues to pile up…..about 6 inches now in Hope. I’m looking forward to the Christmas get together too…as I think I’ve found a great exchange gift!🎁

  • Tammy says

    Sorry Brenda. I’m sure my gift will be the hot ticket this year. Wish I could give you a hint. hehehehe

  • Brenda says

    It’s on…Tammy! Maybe we’ll luck out and end up with each other’s gift!…

  • Ali says

    Tammy if I end up with a sound of music DVD I’ll be pretty sad. 😂😂

  • Sheri Clark says

    I don’t know if you have any horses but I have 2 old winter blankets that I no longer need.

    Please contact me& let me know if you could use them. If not there is a horse shelter in Abbotsford that I will take them to.

    I have been unable to find a phone number for you.

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