max has gone out into foster care!!

Posted: February 6, 2017 at 6:24 pm

the difficulties and stressers i face in rescue are not all that different than i face in nursing….it just sucks when both of my lifelong endeavors are having trouble at rthe very exact same time. saints is experiencing workload shortages due to medical leaves, vacations and pretty damn crappy weather. and my workplace is experiencing the same kind of challenges so tomorrow i have consented to give up part of my day off.
i am going to regret it, i know that i will as soon as i head into work tomorrow.
however it would be grossly unfair to be asking folks to pitch in and help us over the hump at saints if i am unwilling to do the same for my human clients.

hope floats that March will be better for everyone having a hard time right now!

sailor bob had his vet visit today to see what is going on with him. his bowels are somewhat better, his thyroid is finally under control, he has doubled his admission weight and gone from 2.8 kg to 4.8 kgs so that is all good news. but…he is not as active as he was and he seems to have some abdomen discomfort. he had blood work and we will see how he does.

i totally screwed up when i told work i would come in..i said i would work from 11-3 so i could get luna into the vets and stay with her until they sedated her. but i totally missed that i had to take newbies maisie and the rockstar (who was roxanne til we discovered that she was a boy!_) into the vets at noon. luckily the contact nurse hadn’t left for the day yet so i was able to switch working to 130-530 instead…whew!!!!

and it is snowing again..i think it should stop now.

the really good news today made all of us so happy…max, our long term, parapalegic king charles sweetheart…finally found a great..but also an appropriate foster home today, one that is prepared to meet all of his needs. it has been a long time in coming but max was patient and cheerful and made the very best of having to remain in our care.
until today…
we love him and we will miss him but today, max has a home of his very own…YAY!!

8 Comments on "max has gone out into foster care!!"

  • Erin says

    Thrilled for Max!

  • Helga says

    Yay, Max! And hang in there Sailor.

  • Penny says

    So happy for Max, such a totally sweet dog.

  • jamie says

    Over the moon for Max and his very own family!

  • Brenda says

    OMG, Wow….I am beyond happy for Max. I love that sweet little spaniel and will miss him, but sooooooo glad he has finally found a forever home….tears of joy for his future. Thank you for this wonderful news. I was just watching more heavy snow falling, and feeling down……now life seems so much better.

  • shelagh f says

    will keep fingers crossed that all goes well for Max and
    his new family.

  • Lenore Henry says

    Max is a very special dog – so happy for him and his new family 💕

  • Nadine says

    Love that Max is in a home!!! He is such a joy. Despite his ‘disability, he certainly showed all of us his Ability with gusto!!
    So happy to hear the news 😀

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