Posted: April 10, 2017 at 9:14 pm

it’s sometimes difficult not to get lost in the minutia of rescue.
it’s not just every single need of every single animal.
it’s not just the various needs of all the different people.
it is grass seed and mop heads and lost receipts.
its is deciding between A, B and C in big and seemingly inconsequential things.
rescue is one never-ending, endless string of infinite every-things.
and it gets tangled constantly.

and along the way, there is a beginning or ending for somebody.
traumatized beyond belief.
broken somewhere inside.

yet tonight,
he climbed up on the couch beside me,
in the dark, while i watched tv.
three turn arounds to find his right spot.
and suddenly he stopped, reached out
and kissed me.
three gentle licks
and he untangled me.

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