saints foster mae passed away today

Posted: June 19, 2017 at 9:13 pm

This morning Anne rushed Mae to the vets, she knew something wasn’t right. Sadly, under the vets direction, and in the arms of her very own person, Mae passed away. Anne took Mae home just six weeks ago. Mae came to Saints in 2011 after she (and the late and much loved Bru) were seized by SPCA cruelty investigators. Mae had skin problems that required a high level of care, but Anne didn’t mind at all. Mae finally had the home she deserved, a home that adored her, though not for long enough. It is never long enough. We are so sorry for your loss Anne.

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  • Jamie says

    Awe little Mae I am so glad you had the love of your very own person and an amazing home. Little did I know that when I kissed you & told you how amazing you are on Saturday, that it would be for the last time. So sorry Anne, she really did look happy. RIP little one πŸ’”

  • shelagh f says

    gosh, Anne, I know you didn’t think she had long, but that
    was so quick. glad she had you, and you had her for a while.

  • Nadine says

    Sorry to hear of the loss of Mae πŸ™
    So glad she had the comforts of home even for just a little while.

  • Penny says

    So sorry, Anne. You guys had such a short time together, but so special for both you.

  • Shawn says

    So very sorry Anne. Thank you for giving her the home she deserved and all the love you gave.

  • Val says

    Sorry for your loss Anne :'( <3

  • Helga says

    My sympathy, Anne. Thanks for giving her those happy weeks in her own home.

  • Mo says

    Sorry to read of Maes passing. (Hugs) for you Anne. RIP sweet dog.

  • Brenda Mc says

    Such a short time together….but filled with so much love…thank you Anne for your amazing heart…RIP Mae

  • Lynne arnason says

    I am so sorry Anne for your loss

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