oh my freaking gawd!

Posted: July 22, 2017 at 6:22 pm

i came home from work and planted the blueberry bushes and tossed out the seed for the new bunny garden (which i should have done BEFORE it rained!) once i got it all watered, i went out to the barn to grab some straw to spread to help keep the moisture in…. and what do i see???

oh my freaking gawd!…

joy, protecting her new tiny ball baby. it would have fit in the palm of my hand…. and my heart went…ka-thud.

she used to have a basketball baby which she stood over and protected well. then someone gave her a big orange exercise ball and that became her best baby love. however, pepper played with her best baby one day and poked a hole in it and it deflated. joy was without a baby. she tried to bond with the plastic egg shaped yellow ball thingy but it wasn’t squishy. i guess in desperation she found this 4 inch orange rubber ball and tried to make that do, but it was pretty darn small.

i am telling you, it broke my heart to see her hanging her sweet head over this little ball that was about the size of her hoof. i did find her another basketball in the memorial garden and gave that to her. she immediately abandoned tiny little orange ball and went to the bigger basketball to mother over.
she is a very odd cow but whatever. if she wants to have a decent sized baby ball to nurture, she is going to have one.

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  • shelagh f says

    will be out to paint tomorrow. Was at Richmond Hospital yesterday,
    waiting for a friend who was having day surgery. There is a nice
    little park behind the hospital, so I sat there for a while. There were
    at least 3 abandoned bunnies there, running and hiding when
    people came along. Looked well fed, but that was heart breaking
    too. Why do people get bunnies, and then when they loose
    interest, just think they can manage on there own. Will contact
    the spca Monday, hope they will be interested, though not holding
    my breath

  • Brigid says

    Not SPCA in Richmond – it’s RAPS to contact, though they already have so many bunnies….
    Check Rabbit Rescue and Rabbitats as well.

  • Erin says

    That big ball was an excersize ball wasn’t it? We could put that on the wishlist. I thought she liked the jolly ball (it is on the wishlist I’m pretty sure) but Cheyenne kept borrowing it and I have no idea what happened to it

  • Lynne arnason says

    I think I need the excercise ball lol

  • Ali says

    I fished the jolly ball out of the pond today. She was a happy ball mommy.

  • Erin says

    Yay Ali!

  • Silvia Robertson says

    I would like to donate 2 babies, but I don’t live nearby. Let me know what 2 babies would cost and I will send the money. You might ask: For what 2 babies?
    … one as replacement can’t hurt :-).

  • Doris Mayer says

    Can I get Joy a large stuffed animal or something that rolls is better?

  • Sheila says


    For those who would like to contribute to joy’s supply of baby balls

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