day four of power outage

Posted: January 1, 2018 at 9:09 am

oh freaking yay.

it will come back on…some day?


5 Comments on "day four of power outage"

  • Penny says

    Oh that’s awful. My power was out for three days and came on yesterday morning. Is there any point in calling Hydro if there’s no power by tomorrow?

  • Penny says

    Just saw the segment on CTV news about the difficult conditions at Saints without power. They said power had just been restored there, yay!!

  • Helga says

    There is hope. Ours just came back on. We were out from about 3 A.M. Friday.

  • Cathy says

    Fingers crossed that your power is restored today. What a nightmare for one and all. Hope that you are alright Carol but having gone through the same situation long ago where we lost our power for several days due to an ice storm I can appreciate the frustration. Being able to make a meal and have hot water is heaven.

    As far as the animals go oh my.

  • Cathy says

    Please tell us – do you have power. I sure hope that you didn’t have any frozen water pipes.

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