Posted: January 3, 2018 at 6:55 pm

power went back off yesterday briefly but is back on all day today.
shyla had her spay surgery..good thing too she was just starting a uterine infection…whew dodged that bullet!
angel had her dental and most of her teeth removed. she is on good pain meds and should feel much better soon.
koji-bear puppy is moving into foster care with Sheila and Leila to help get him ready for adoption. I love him..get to splurge on baby nurturing so I am really going to miss him!
but..it means pogo and buddy can come back to bed with me without worrying about crazy puppies!
little bear had his repeat cushings test..awaiting results.
big bear had his needle biopsies..inconclusive so he needs to go back in for deep tissue biopsies.
Zoey has been moved into the medical room..so far so good.
keats has been moved to my room with my dogs..shyla was stressing him out too much.

as of Jan 1/18 it is official…SAINTS is very pleased to announce that Renee is now the new manager of SAINTS and Erin is the new assistant manager. they will be taking on more and more things over time as we work towards saints transitioning towards my eventual retirement. (and no my departure is not imminent..we have a lot of work to do for me to get there…one step at a time)

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