previous saint murphy has passed away (by laura)

Posted: January 10, 2018 at 9:15 pm

Well back in March 2017 when Murphy was diagnosed with cancer the vet said 2-3 months….Murphy wasn’t listening. Murphy passed peacefully today at the age of 15 wrapped in our arms & smothered in kisses…but best of all to him an A&W burger in his tummy…like a good lab he adored food.
I’ve had many dogs over the years but I can honestly say Murphy was the Best Dog Ever!
I still shake my head when I think people thought he was tormented by his skin and should be euthanized.
Thankfully you, Mo & Saints were there for him. Then despite you saying he was now a permanent Saints dog….I’m forever grateful you entrusted him to my family Dec31/2008
Murphy was truly loved and will be deeply missed. RIP dear boy

our deepest condolences to laura and her family for the their loss of this wonderful soul. he was a very lucky dog.

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