Randy has passed away (by erin)

Posted: March 9, 2018 at 6:38 pm

Randy had a cardiac event this afternoon and was rushed to the vet where he passed away. We did everything we could these last few days but weighing in at just under 2kg, Randy’s chances were slim. Thank you Eagle Hill Animal Hospital for being there for Randy.

4 Comments on "Randy has passed away (by erin)"

  • Brenda Mc says

    Oh…so sorry… RIP Randy….you deserved so much better in life.

  • shelagh f says

    sometimes the odds are stacked against you. at least he
    didn’t die alone, outside and unwanted.

  • Jamie says

    I have no words, just never ending tears. Rest well little one πŸ’”

  • Nadine says

    Those eyes πŸ™ Precious soul that was so lucky to have u all. Rest peacefully Randy!

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