A Very Successful Fundraiser

Posted: November 29, 2018 at 5:34 pm

We say this often but it is true. SAINTS has the best supporters. This is the 5th year The Pet Shop Boys Doggie Boutique and Spa Vancouver have fundraised for SAINTS. This year was the best ever. Christopher did a mind blowing job of running such an organized event. Christopher we cannot express our gratitude for your long time support of SAINTS.

Thank you Tiffany Cooper Photography, Flint & Feather Photography, and Muddy Love Pet Photography and the dog whispers who helped calm overly excited dogs.

Three photographers, one huge room, tons of volunteers, and a “love” theme equaled a total $6605 raised!

PS If you got your picture taken at this event we would love to see your pictures. Please post in the comment section.

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