MP girls

Posted: January 19, 2019 at 10:23 am

Ella the fearless. Until theres a storm. 

Clover the fearful. By far the shyer of the three NWT girls.

Vera the bull in a china shop. She looks like she should be dainty. She is not. 

Nadia, same body shape and similar walk to Clover. I think these two are closely related, they share a very close bond. 

Trixie the newest addition. A decidedly people-oriented dog. Unbelievably polite!  

I cant seem to add a video here, but I have one. I will see if I can put it on the Friends page. 


2 Comments on "MP girls"

  • Brenda says

    Love these pics of the MP girls…and saw the video on facebook “Friends”…thank you Erin…I never get to see these dolls….

  • Wendy says

    Awesome photos, Erin. Nice to see their faces. Whenever I’ve attempted photos they just huddle in a crate (and then I feel like a jerk, lol).

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