Janette’s boy Snickers

Posted: February 1, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Snickers started having seizures late last night. Janette rushed him to our emergency clinic where he unfortunately passed away. Janette and Snickers have been together since she took him home back in early 2012. He was known as Nicky back then, arriving at SAINTS with May and Bruiser less than six months earlier. Both May and Bru have already passed on. But knowing your dog is senior and has health concerns does not make losing them any easier. Even when you know its coming, it feels like a truck smacks right into you. Breaks your heart into a thousand shattered pieces. Snickers had a terrific near seven years with Janette. They went through alot together, moving a couple times and struggling through other losses, but all the while Snickers knew that as long as he was with Janette, he was home. We are so sorry for your loss Janette. Hugs to you my friend. 

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