such sad news…miley has passed away.

Posted: February 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm

miley who broke our hearts over and over again as we tried to surgically repair her leg 5 times without success. miley who broke our hearts one last time when we finally had to amputate her leg.
miley who made our hearts soar when she finally scored the absolutely best gift of all…
not just a home of her own but the very, very best and perfect home of all.
miley spent the last few years swimming in her very own lake, snuggling into soft beds and blankets and wrapped up so warm and safe in the hearts of her family who completely adored her.

miley out of the blue crashed into massive life ending liver and kidney failure, the vet thinks it was some kind of weird autoimmune attack on her system. her family is devastated and we are so very sad for their loss.

but…miley for the past few years had it all. great medical care, an amazingly loving and caring family, and a ton of fun.
she was a very lucky dog.

rest in peace miley, we will never forget you.
our deepest condolences to your grieving family for the heartbreaking loss of you.

6 Comments on "such sad news…miley has passed away."

  • Laura says

    Omg, how sad. Our sweet and very noisy tripod girl. Hugs to her family….thank you for giving Miley a home full fun, friends and love.

  • Erin Bain says

    Smiley Miley, one of the greats. I will always love her. She sure had a terrific home, I am sorry for the familys loss 🙁

  • Ali says

    Condolences to Miley’s wonderful family. Such a beautiful soul ❤️

  • shelagh f says

    after all she went thru, so glad she had a wonderful
    home to love her. must be a big hole in the family without
    her. RIP Miley

  • Lenore Henry says

    This is such sad news – my sincere condolences to her family. She was the sweetest of dogs. Thank you for giving her all the love she deserved ❤️…..

  • Brenda says

    So very sorry re the sudden loss of this fun spirited girl. Miley never let 3 legs slow her down….she kept her zest for life despite the challenges…such a lovely dog
    RIP sweetheart.

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