Posted: May 17, 2019 at 9:53 pm

Where to start? Many things have happened but Frick it’s been busy, apologies!

Sam, the lovely lab x who got adopted and moved to the island with her new people last summer has sadly passed away. Sam had some cancerous masses and some organ troubles, then she was diagnosed with an internal bleed. It was time to let her go. Condolences to Sam’s people, Tricia and Richard.

Rudy had a sore on his tail earlier this week. Could’ve been fly drop maybe, whatever it was it was itchy and he’s now got sores on his bum from trying to rub the itchy spot. We had the vet come out and assess, tomorrow his treatment will begin. Poor guy. 99 problems.

Harry has 99 problems too. He’s back for a visit while Priscilla is on a holiday. Harry has terrible arthritis, he’s in kidney failure and has seizures on top of it all. We are hoping to work out a better med regime so he can feel a bit better for awhile longer. Such a good boy.

All our rabbits got vaccinated against RHVD-2 this past week. Scary, that virus!

Mocha and Molly are both doing well, we love updates!Seriously, how cute are these photos!


3 Comments on "Updates"

  • shelagh f says

    sorry to hear about Sam, a nice, gentle dog. don’t mocha and molly
    look cozy and content, lovely to see how happy they look

  • Lynne says

    Aw poor Sam he was just a lovely dog but he had the best life in the island with his people Thankyou for loving sam

  • Lenore Henry says

    I am sorry to hear about Sam – she was a sweet dog – thank you for giving her a good home….

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