Made it!

Posted: June 20, 2019 at 8:28 pm

Both Phoebe and Kyah made it through their eye surgeries! Whew!

And more super awesome news…

Gus went home with staff member Tabitha today! 


3 Comments on "Made it!"

  • Linda Kurtz says

    Just took one of my babies in to the vet on Monday to have one of his eyes removed because of glaucoma. He is a senior as well and came thru fine. So glad to hear Phoebe and Kyah survived their surgery and hope all goes well with their healing. My Oliver hates having to wear a cone….How about Phoebe and Kyah?

  • shelagh f says

    great news for everyone

  • Brenda says

    So relieved and grateful that
    Phoebe and Kyah are back at Saints in their own beds….and so happy for Gus going home with Tabitha.
    3 yays!❤❤❤

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