Senior Animals in Need Today Society – AGM 2020

Posted: June 11, 2020 at 9:01 am

The 2019 Financials and the 2020 AGM Meeting Minutes can be found at the following Google links:

2019 Financials
2020 AGM Meeting Minutes

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up soon! Attending an AGM is a great way to learn more about the operations of a non-profit or business organization.

Last year the SAINTS board of directors voted to move the AGM to an earlier date in the year, rather than late Fall. This way the data (from the previous year) is more recent and relevant for attendees. We also felt it would allow for a nicer gathering, perhaps in our memorial garden, weather permitting.

Due to Covid-19 however, and uncertainty about what meeting/group size & space recommendations will be on the pre-selected date, we’ve opted to hold the AGM virtually this year.

Everyone (up to 240) guests are welcome to join us, from the comfort of your own homes, via Google Meet at 12:30pm on Sunday June 28th, 2020. We will post the meeting link closer to the date. Documents which are normally provided in printed form, will be available virtually via Google Docs.

Sweet boy, Tang – one our longest residents at the sanctuary, encourages you all to join us!

4 Comments on "Senior Animals in Need Today Society – AGM 2020"

  • Sharon Findley says


    I am interested in seeing the financials, particularly the one set up as a trust, as I designated my last donation for that account. I will be donating again, when my investments eventually rebound from the impact of Covid.


  • Roff Johannson says

    Where are the details about the AGM? Were they posted somewhere else?

  • Wendy Robinson says

    Greetings, Roff!

    I’m the board secretary, tasked with getting those details made available. I apologize for the delay. I haven’t had a chance to do a final draft of the minutes yet (without all my transcribing typos), as I’ve had a busy work week. Will have that done by the end of this weekend though, and then we’ll edit this post with a public link to view. Thanks so much for your patience, and have a great weekend!

  • Sheila says

    Hi Sharon

    I have emailed you the year end financials for 2019 just now. Sorry it took so long to respond to your comment. Regards Sheila

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