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SAINTS was started in December 2004 after volunteers at other animal shelters saw many senior animals spending their last days in a shelter or pound. From the time we opened our doors, the number of animals in need has been astounding and ever-growing. When SAINTS moved into it’s first location it started with 16 cats, 12 dogs and 2 rabbits. SAINTS has since found it’s permanent home on 3 beautiful acres in Mission, BC with a warm and cozy home, a sturdy and well constructed barn, several outbuildings just waiting to be renovated for future use plus fields to play in and a pond to swim in… we have found a little bit of heaven on earth for our very special friends.
Since December 2004, SAINTS has had over 630 animals come in through it’s doors. Over 241 have been adopted into wonderful loving homes. 263 have passed away in loving care at SAINTS and the remaining 130 still call SAINTS their home.
We pledge to love them, to care for them, and make their dreams come true. We promise each of them that they will never be alone again.

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