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August 9, 2006:
Francis, tummy full of pizza, lay cradled in Carol's arms on a blanket on the grass as he gently left this world today.

Francis, You came to us a starved, pathetic boy with sunken skull and twisted body. I was new to rescuing and at first glance briefly wondered why Trina at CAC and Carol at Saints had chosen to save you. Yet as you gazed out the window of my car on the way to Saints, you touched my heart with your dark smiling eyes, tilted head and sweet smile.

Despite a rocky start as you lashed out at the others, you soon came around and with your funny little gait would trot up to the fence to greet me. You traveled to the park with me as though you had done it all your life; you wanted to chase the rabbits as you loped along the edge of the blackberry bushes at the end of your leash. When you grew too weak for the park, we went to the lower meadow at Saints where you came alive in the bush, exploring every bit of scrub. You dragged me through the swamp…I don't know who was more pathetic, you with your weak hindquarters stuck in the mud, or me with my lost sneaker and muck up to my knees.

I shall never forget the day I sat on the grass with Carol and Deb and you first crawled onto my lap and tucked your nose under my arm, totally at peace with the world. Or the time a few days after I left my marriage and my Emma, when you patiently endured my tears on your fur as we sat together in the hot afternoon sun, backs against the fence on the hillside above the pond.

You had the softest fur around your neck, the brightest smile of any Saint, the gentlest way of letting me know you were there. You spoke to me with your soul, you loved me with your spirit, you taught me with your courage.

Rest well, sweet Francis, and then run free. I'll see you at the bridge one day.

UPDATE: July 8 2006
Francis is no longer available for adoption due health concerns. he is now a permanent resident of SAINTS.

Francis a dog who is learning a whole new way of living. He was found by a BC telephone repairman starving in an isolated area. The repairman saw Francis from a distance, across a field, and when he returned to his vehicle, Francis was sitting at the door waiting to hitch a ride. He was taken to Animal Control and was never claimed. Originally Francis was sent to SAINTS because he was so weak and emaciated that everyone assumed he was ancient. He is not, Francis is maybe six or seven years old. He is slowly putting on weight and getting stronger every day. We think Francis led an isolated existence, he didn't know what to expect of being hugged and cuddled, he was worried that the endless food might just disappear and he had to get used to being part of a great big doggy family. He has done so very well with it all.

Francis loves to bury his face into the nearest human, he just surrenders himself and soaks up the love like a warm blanket. francis is a great dog who had a hard life, now he is ready to really embrace a better world. Francis has not had his vaccines updated yet as he is still has to get a bit stronger.


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