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My mom is a hero not a saint

Posted: May 1, 2018 at 5:07 am

Today mom turns 60 so I figured it was time to officially set the record straight. She is NOT a saint. My mom gets tired and cranky and makes mistakes. And her hair truly is an unholy mess. That’s part of what makes her human though and is probably partly a result of having such a spirited daughter like me (I can take credit for quite a few of those grey hairs).

She is however, without a doubt, one of the most caring people I have ever known. She has dedicated the majority of her life to helping others whether they walk on twos or fours. So while I wouldn’t call her a saint, nor would she want to be, I would instead call her a hero. And if she were to be a Marvel superhero, she would probably be the female version of Ironman – brilliant but with billions of animals and vet bills instead of dollars and a suit of cat and dog hair rather than an indestructible exoskeleton. Since Marvel superheroes are her absolute favorite I am sure she would appreciate that comparison and coincidently they are both from America. But perhaps mop women would be better suited to her … pee puddles don’t stand a chance with MOP WOMAN!

You all know my mom as Carol Hine and are familiar with the amazing things she has done and the sacrifices she has made for SAINTS – valuing each animal’s right to dignity and compassion and committing to care for them for their remaining days whether that means a week or ten years or for dogs like Maud and (brown) Buddy or Phoebe (the red whirling wonder) and Diesel – inevitably she winds up with more of the later type though. But she has also done and continues to do incredible acts of caring outside of SAINTS.

Although she is a nurse and caring is kind of her job, she doesn’t treat it like a job. She provides her patients with the best care she can, even the grouchy ones. She does her best to make sure they are comfortable and well cared for, but are also doing what they need to get better themselves – and this isn’t always the easy way for her or her patients. Sometimes that means taking the time to teach them how to do something for themselves, like change their own colostomy bag.

She is the same way as a mom. Many times when I wanted her to make a decision or do something for me, she refused. But this has made me and all her children more capable and confident. She taught us to fish for ourselves in this crazy world where I see so many young people unable to fend for themselves and far too often crippled at the smallest of challenges. Although she never taught to cook, so I married a man who could.

She also taught me by example to be caring and she instilled in me the importance of being kind to others. She frequently welcomed friends and family members who needed help a place to stay in our home for as long as they needed to get back on their feet. She has continued to do so even in her SAINTS capacity, despite having been burned on more than one occasion.

As with the animals she rescues, she chooses to see the good in everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt. And to that end, she can sometimes be generous to a fault – often handing over her last $5 or $20 to anyone who asks, for example the person asking for money outside bank. How convenient for her that she was near a bank machine …. true story! Or when she insists on bringing all five grandchildren presents at each of their birthdays so that no one “feels left out”!

My mom’s constant and colossal generosity with her time, money and spirit is truly something rare and special in today’s world. While a saint may be defined as someone close God, my mom is often close to broke. With her bank account perpetually in the red, but at lest her karma is on the up. She gives much more than she takes or receives. If only we all lived our lives that way (but hopefully with more stylish hair)!

In honour of my Mom’s sixth birthday I will be participating in a sort of caring boot camp for myself – performing 60 acts of caring. Some will be big, some small, and others I hope to incorporate as part of my daily life and will therefore do multiple times.

Here are a few examples – some I have already done over the past two weeks or plan to do in the coming months …

1. Call family members more often.
2. Spend more time with family.
3. Listen more. Talk less.
4. Buy someone coffee.
5. Bring in treats to work.
6. Pick up litter when walking.
7. Donated money to a charity.
8. Bring in neighbor’s garbage cans.
9. Help someone put away their weights at the gym.
10. Offer to watch a friend or family members child.
11. Empty dishwasher at work.
12. Be a more courteous drivers.
13. Let someone ahead of you in a line.
14. Participate in a charity run or walk for a great cause and help raise funds and awareness.
15. Donate blood (I have an appointment booked for my first time on June 6!)
16. Pay others compliments.
17. Admit when I am wrong (mostly applies to spouse).
18. Apologize when I am cranky.
19. Invite someone over for dinner.
20. Tell someone when they are going a great job.
21. Offer to buy someone lunch.
22. Volunteer.
23. Donate bottles.
24. Donate clothing.
25. Donate toys and book.
26. Spend time talking to a stranger.
27. Smile at someone just because.
28. Get in touch with a long lost friend.
29. Teach someone something new.
30. Give mailperson a thank you note/treat.
31. Have a complain free day.
32. Do a favor without asking for anything in return.
33. Walk or ride bike instead of driving.
34. Spread some positivity online.
35. Take time to listen to someone even if in a hurry.
36. Lend or give someone a book.
37. Donate to the food bank.
38. Give someone flowers.
39. Give someone a nice card or note.
40. Don’t participate in gossip.
41. Let someone else waiting have your parking spot.
42. Wipe down the slide and swings at the after a rain fall.
43. Offer someone.
44. Tell a fellow mom or dad they are doing a great job.
45. Write a thank you note and bake treats for daycare.
46. Don’t criticize others.
47. Don’t get hung up on problems, work towards solutions.
48. Be kind to self.
49. Weed neighbours garden.
50. Mow someone’s lawn.
51. Leave a large tip for a server.
52. Mail grandparents (not on Facebook) photos
53. Give someone flowers.
54. Pick up dog poop around neighbourhood.
55. Treat someone to a movie.
56. Offer to be a designated driver.
57. Try to do it myself before asking for help.
58. Encourage others to do acts of caring.
59. Stop embarrassing mom (mostly through posting photos and making fun of her hair)

Wishing you a very happy birthday MOMMY!!! I hope I make you as proud as I am of you.

All my love
Your peanut


PS. you can kill me later … hopefully with kindness 😉
If this has at all motivated those reading to do their own acts of caring please leave a comment about what you plan to do since I am still looking for inspiration for more things I can do too! Thank you.

Saints 5000

Posted: March 2, 2015 at 1:00 pm

This morning we launched a new fundraising campaign through Facebook to raise $5,000 for upcoming veterinary care. We now have 5,000 Facebook supporters. Woohoo!! A one dollar donation from each of our followers will help us surpass our goal!!

If you are able to donate, please visit our Fundrazr campaign page here:

We are already at 17% of our goal! This live tracker is amazing.

sainst fundrazer
If you don’t want to donate via this site, you can mail or drop off a cheque and it will get added to our total.

Please note that in the coming weeks we will also be launching our annual Amazing Raise campaign. If you normally contribute to and collect pledges for this campaign please wait for this instead of contributing to the Saints 5000 campaign since we want to ensure we meet our Amazing Raise goal again this year and that we have a reason to celebrate at the pub night. The Saints 5000 campaign is mostly aimed at getting each of our many Facebook followers to contribute a small amount that adds up to something substantial. It will also provide some much need money for a few specific upcoming vet procedures while we wait for the Amazing Raise money to come in. If you are able to contribute to both of them then hallelujah!


Claire’s kittens

Posted: September 30, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Update pictures of Claires kittens! They were born on Sept 11, and will be spayed/neutered, tattooed, and have their first set of vaccines in about 7 weeks (November 20th ish) and be ready for adoption in early December. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment, we will be looking for puuuurfectly wonderful homes for these 4 cuties. Momma Claire already hit the jackpot and has become a permanent member of her foster family. Also, for the entire month of October, SAINTS has money donation boxes in 12 BC Liquor Stores, from Chilliwack to Surrey/White Rock, and Mission to Coquitlam. Please give generously! Thanks for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!

Kittens September 29 009

Kittens September 29 013

Kittens September 29 017

Where are they now? The Story of Floyd – CETFA

Posted: July 11, 2014 at 12:02 pm

saint Floyd’s original rescuers at Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) have done a great follow-up story on him, check it out:

Where Are They Now? The Story of Floyd

July 11, 2014· By CETFA

Five years ago this month, CETFA inspectors found and rescued a sweet duck they named Floyd. Floyd was living with thousands of other birds on a duck factory farm. The shed he was in was filthy; dying and dead birds in varying stages of decomposition scattered the ground around him. Things weren’t looking good for Floyd – he was on his back, unable to right himself to reach food or water, and covered in parasites.

Floyd just after his rescue by CETFA investigators from a duck factory farm.

Once back in their hotel room, the investigators applied cool cloths to Floyd’s feet and placed a rolled up towel under his emaciated chest and keel bone. Floyd was too weak to stand but drank profusely. Little by little, Floyd regained strength, and within a few hours, took his first wobbly steps toward one of his rescuers, flopping down into her lap to sleep. Floyd had very likely never known kindness from a human, yet clearly understood that he was in caring hands.

The next day, the investigators brought Floyd to SAINTS Rescue (Senior Animals In Need Today Society) – a beautiful animal sanctuary in Mission, BC., where Floyd continues to live, never again having to fear for his safety.

The contrast between where Floyd started his life and where he’ll live out the rest of it couldn’t be more profound. Floyd is now a radiant, handsome drake, happily swimming and enjoying time with fellow ducks, Edwina and Tiny Tim. We are so thankful to SAINTS for all they’ve done for Floyd and the many other rescued farmed animals in their care.

Floyd at SAINTS sanctuary, five years after his rescue from a duck factory farm by CETFA investigators.

#ThrowbackThursday to last year’s Open House!

Posted: June 19, 2014 at 2:03 pm


More photos from last year’s event are available on our Facebook page, click here.

Come meet the saints this weekend at our Annual Open House Sat/Sun 11AM-3PM 33860 Dlugosh Ave, Mission BC. Hope to see you there

open house

#throwbackthursday – Stripe the fridge queen

Posted: June 5, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Stripe was a beautiful torti well into her twenties. She seemed like a permanent fixture at saints for many years living happily on top of the fridge with her private double cupboard suite with her soft bed, cat box, fresh food and occasional bowl of fresh milk. She would greet everyone who walked in with a head-butt and of course they would oblidge with some pets and kisses. She passed away a few years ago but we still miss her meows from above.


stripe 2

Upcoming events

Posted: May 30, 2014 at 7:26 pm

Come visit the saints on June 21 & 22 for our annual Open House! There will be public tours and lots of fun – bring the kids. Hope to see you there.

open house 2014

Attention all you animal loving yard-salers! Next Sat, Jun 7 8:30AM-3PM at 7331 Wren St in Mission. Lots of great items. Get their early. All proceeds to benefit SAINTS!

yard sale

Mark your calendars for the 8th Annual Wishes for Whiskers Charity Dinner & Auction
Date: October 4th
Place: The Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre
4331 Dominion Street Burnaby, BC (just off Highway 1 and Willingdon and near Canada Way)

Further information to be posted closer to the date.

#ThrowbackThursday – Loving & Losing Lexi

Posted: May 22, 2014 at 10:28 am

One this day, five years ago SAINTS and Carol lost Lexi.

Since Carol first created saints in December of 2004 she has loved and lost hundreds of animals. Carol is often asked how she can do it? It is true that it is sad and hearbreaking. However, it is also rewarding – each animal we love and lose, takes a peice of us when they go but they added much more by simply being in our lives and we are fuller because of them.

lexie 2

the perfect dog

by Carol Hine

lexi was not just my dog..lexi was saints dog…she belonged to each and everyone of us.

she was the best dog in the world…i can’t even list all the goodness that was in her…because every goodness that ever existed, existed inside of her.

she was truly the perfect dog.

and no one except us, ever wanted her.

big, black and hairy…crippled and old.

she never had a single inquiry, no one ever asked if they could give her a home.

and what the world outside of saints all missed out on was a dog who loved me more than i have ever been loved in my life.

and she was absolutely determined to demonstrate and prove that love and her loyalty to me, day after day after day.

she made us slow down to wait for her, she made us wait for her to catch up, she made us remember not to forget her and she made us smile and laugh as she took all of her short cuts.

and the only time she ever made me cry was since she passed away.

i am so blessed and humbled to loved like i was by lexi.

i really miss you lex….but i know that somehow, you will always be with me….good, good dog…the very best, most perfect dog.

#ThrowbackThursday Easter with the saints

Posted: April 17, 2014 at 8:50 am

Check out these bunnified SAINTS from Easter’s past …







The volunteers were also good sports and let me don them with pink ears

easter 2 easter 3

And would you believe it Carol did too with Mini Me (RIP) and Big Buddy (RIP)


Hope you all have a wonderful Easter long weekend with your friends and family! Special thanks to our amazing volunteers for their extra efforts and time over the holidays.

Day 5 of Volunteer Week – Meet our weekend warriors Curt, Anne, Jennifer & Derek

Posted: April 10, 2014 at 7:12 pm

As part of National Volunteer Week we are taking this opportunity to recognize, thank and introduce you to some of our weekend warriors.

Curt is known as the cat- loving volunteer and he describes himself as punctual, meticulous, and organized. When at SAINTS, he is usually found grooming and giving treats to the cats who inhabit the many areas here.  Three years of volunteering have given Curt fulfillment at aiding the animals to have a better life. The opportunity to give all the animals a second chance or the opportunity to live life to its fullest is extremely satisfying to Curt.  Outside of SAINTS, Curt enjoys computers, the Mission Race track, and of course- cats!  Curt’s fondest memory so far is of the cat named “Chief”  who took a year to warm up to Curt, but now he enjoys his weekend grooming.  Odie and Oliver have also touched this volunteer’s heart and will be remembered for the cats they were and as real fighters.  Curt describes SAINTS as beautiful, fun, and rewarding.

chief (5)

Anne might be one of our most recent volunteers, but her skills have been quickly improving the “appearances” of our SAINTly friends.  Anne comes to volunteer on Saturdays using her grooming skills and knowledge to make our furry friends even cuter!  Anne’s initiation to SAINTS was a small bite from a little dog with a very big personality (no names will be mentioned *wink)!  But that didn’t stop Anne from coming back. She believes that what she does at SAINTS makes a difference and enjoys using her skills to make the dogs more comfortable.  Furthermore, she admires people like Carol and in Anne’s words, “ I love the fact that there are people like Carol who are willing to make extreme sacrifices in order to give discarded and abused animals the love and compassion they deserve. These kinds of people who make their own sacrifices balance out the cruelty and negativity in the world.  I am rewarded by playing a tiny part in this endeavor.” Anne’s three words for SAINTS? Committed, Hard Working and Caring.  Anne not only enjoys volunteering but also motorcycles, yoga, hiking, music, and movies. Furthermore, Anne fosters animals through the SPCA and found out about SAINTS via her boxer, Renny.  Renny was in Anne’s foster care through the SCPA which was passing this boxer into Carol’s care.  Rather than disrupting Renny’s life and Anne’s love for her foster dog remained in his home and permanent foster care.  What a win/win situation!


Jenn and Derek love volunteering in the MP room on Sundays.  Jenn works in agricultural finance while Derek is a manager in an auto body shop.  They enjoy home renovations, spending time with their three dogs, and deck time when the weather permits. But three years ago this duo wanted to find something else to add to their busy lives, they found SAINTS and couldn’t be happier with their choice!  Jenn and Derek adore the animals and their stories; it warms their hearts to see the love they give the MP animals returned whole heartedly.  Not to mention, the excitement they are greeted with every Sunday is unforgettable!  Like the other volunteers, Jenn and Derek express the difficulty over the loss when losing an animal that they felt connected with.  But the love this pair gets, keeps them coming back to SAINTS. Black Buddy, Riley and Capone, Dusty, and Cooper have in particular touched Jenn and Derek’s heart, “They just had/have something about them that grabbed a hold of us.”  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE are how these two describe SAINTS!

dusty and derek volunteer (4)

It takes a small army of volunteers to run saints. Many hands makes light work and we could certainly use a few more. For more information about volunteering with us see:

Stayed tuned tomorrow as we continue to introduce you to more of our incredible volunteers. Check out more of our volunteer features here: