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Senior Animals in Need Today Society – AGM 2020

Posted: June 11, 2020 at 9:01 am

The 2019 Financials and the 2020 AGM Meeting Minutes can be found at the following Google links:

2019 Financials
2020 AGM Meeting Minutes

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up soon! Attending an AGM is a great way to learn more about the operations of a non-profit or business organization.

Last year the SAINTS board of directors voted to move the AGM to an earlier date in the year, rather than late Fall. This way the data (from the previous year) is more recent and relevant for attendees. We also felt it would allow for a nicer gathering, perhaps in our memorial garden, weather permitting.

Due to Covid-19 however, and uncertainty about what meeting/group size & space recommendations will be on the pre-selected date, we’ve opted to hold the AGM virtually this year.

Everyone (up to 240) guests are welcome to join us, from the comfort of your own homes, via Google Meet at 12:30pm on Sunday June 28th, 2020. We will post the meeting link closer to the date. Documents which are normally provided in printed form, will be available virtually via Google Docs.

Sweet boy, Tang – one our longest residents at the sanctuary, encourages you all to join us!


Posted: June 4, 2020 at 8:17 pm

JoJo is not well. We are not sure what is up with him but whatever it is, it’s not good.
When JoJo came in a few weeks ago his left hind leg was swollen, he had a good check up and xrays and nothing showed up. It wasn’t bugging him so we let it go. A couple of weeks later suddenly he was running a fever, the leg swelling got worse and now it was painful. Another rounds of tests without finding anything. With pain meds and antibiotics it got better in a few days and once again he was good to go. This week his other hind leg swelled up and became really painful, once again he was running a fever. Xrays, blood work gave no clue as to what was happening. He is back on antibiotics (2 different ones this time around) and pain meds. The leg remains swollen and he is still not getting up.
The vets have a couple of different theories but nothing concrete. On Monday he goes into Boundary Bay to start seeing the specialists..cardiac, ortho, internal medicine, hopefully there is an answer somewhere.

JoJO is the best-est dog, he is sweet, kind, gentle and FUNNY! He absolutely loves his toys..and every one elses too. He will quietly sneak in and steal toys where ever he can find them, even from sick little puppies when no one is looking!
JoJO is not stealling toys right now, he just doesn’t feel all that good. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, JoJo likes living here..good toys, good treats, good people who adore him and think he is totally cool!

a day (or two) in the life….

Posted: May 16, 2020 at 6:18 pm

it has been a tough couple of days. mystic had her eye surgery to restore her sight. she is now in a cone and needs 3 sets of eye drops, some every 2 hours. this is not her most favorite thing and timing wise it is a headache getting them all in on time. plus she hates the cone so to make sure we know this ALL DAY LONG, she uses that freaking cone like a wrecking ball!

little snape sadly passed away.

marvin seizured again yesterday.

skye colicked for about 12 hours, the vets were out twice, once at night and of course thru the rest of the night he needed close monitering. i will say that i discovered something interesting about freaks him out when walking at night and our very loud frog chorus suddenly starts to sing! the first time erin heard it, it freaked her out too..she thought we were being invaded by aliens!
i however love the sound of them singing….skye not so much.

the 8 pot belly pigs all had their feet done yesterday. 3 had difficulty coming out of the sedation and needed all hands on deck administering glucose, rubbing, turning, applying heating discs, and preventing the ones that were lunging from injuring themselves. i think everyone was pretty damn tired by the time they headed home for the night but thankfully all the pigs were well by then! today mo said she saw a video on line with a guy trimming his pigs feet..he got the pig drunk on beer first. i think next time we should try that!

and of course little cash at BB ICU has added another stress. multiple phone calls with the vets, worrying about him while hoping for the best.
then there was the injured bird call last night, but he got away before we could step in and help.

in the midst of this OMG! these freaking animals there were a couple of heart warming or twisted funny moments.

last night when it was time for mystics drops, michelle came over to help me. all of her special treats were gone so i had to improvise and gave her meatloaf instead. the meatloaf was way too good and mystic got way too excited and puked it all right back and right out of her cone. boomer who was perfectly positioned, swooped in and gobbled it down. i was busy cleaning the slime out of her cone and michelle was busy retching over boomers grossness in the corner! i was worried michelle wouldn’t come back at 7am this morning to help me again, hah! but she did!

today the horses, donkeys and cows got a chance to taste that beautiful lush pasture we have been preparing for them. there was lots of running, rearing, rolling going on with their mouths stuffed full of sweet long grass. it was wonderful to see them so joyful. those kinds of things wipe away all of the difficulties in recent days passed! hopefully someone will post a video on the FB page from today!

Floating Hope

Posted: May 15, 2020 at 5:46 pm

Cash is a little 9 week old shepherd cross puppy in ICU at Boundray Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital fighting for his life.

His family unable to afford the spiralling medical bills were caught between a rock and a hard place and finally after much regret were considering euthanization.
Instead, Cash was signed over to SAINTS last night in a last ditch attempt to save his life.

Cash saw Dr Gordon the neurologist at 11pm last evening. He ordered an emergency late night diagnostic, sedating him and removing some cerebral/spinal fluid to send for testing. The best guess right now is that Cash has Meningitis or Encephalitis. We need to know if it is bacterial, viral or fungal so he can get the right treatment.
The test results are not back yet but he is getting the full meal deal treatment of 2 different IV antibiotics, one specifically that will cross the blood/brain barrier. Plus he is getting high doses of steroids to reduce brain and spinal inflammation and thank goodness lots of really good pain control because the poor little guy was in agony. At least in the pain department, he is now feeling better!

We don’t know if Cash will make it. We don’t know if there will be any residual neuro effects if he does survive. What we do know is this is going to be really expensive but it is the very best chance that little Cash has.
Because here is thing…Cash was bred into the human world by human choice. Humans are ultimately responsible to Cash to try their very hardest to ensure he lives a good and kind life.
We hope Cash survives and will live a long and happy life.
But in Cash’s case, hope alone is not good enough, he also needs intensive medical care.
Please join us in helping Cash get this.
He is a sweet little puppy with a very strong will to live.

our shame

Posted: May 3, 2020 at 6:15 pm

i call the rabbits the silent screamers and i call horses the silent slaves.
there are some truly good or great homes out there for both of them and mediocre to horrid for all the rest.
the smallest and the mightiest of the beasts that we have tamed and yet the ones we most abuse.
bred for one purpose only to serve in some form or another, each individual eventually of so little value. they die alone, never knowing why we wanted them in the first place.

i look at my new horse Fabulous Charm, great grand daughter of Foolish Pleasure, grand daughter of the mighty Seattle Slew. three generations of hundreds of horses bred from the very best. most like Charm are probably already dead and many others suffering from abuse, starvation and neglect as she did.
i can’t afford her. bringing her back from her current wreck is expensive. between food and board and vet care she is costing me almost $1000 a month, so much for being retired. and what am i bringing her back to? once she gains another couple of hundred pounds she will still be unusable. chronic arthritis, chronic mud fever, at 19 years of age, she will still be useless. and that is just her middle age, once she reaches her late 20’s and 30’s we can expect more health issues, more expenses.

so why bother? why not let her go and save another who can still be of use?
because Charm never asked to be born. she never asked to be raced, to be bred, to be bought and sold. she never asked to be left alone to starve so badly that she lost her muscle and became a bag of skin and bones.
Charm is not grateful, she doesn’t give a shit about me. i am just one among a long line of humans, good? bad? she doesn’t care. she is indifferent to me.

her stable mate lays her soft nose against my face, she nickers when i walk into the barn. she likes me.
Charm could care less.
so why bother?
because i am ashamed.
how does the human species take and take and take from these animals and then turn a blind eye to their pain?

i cannot afford not to help Charm. my soul can’t see what we do and not try to undo. she never has to love me. she never has to be grateful, she never has to see me as any better then those she has known in the past. because i too still use her, as i try to soothe my soul from the horror of knowing they suffer in human hands..

if ever the animals of this earth let loose their screaming, tortured voices, all of mankind would be ashamed.

Shelter life

Posted: April 14, 2020 at 10:54 am

SAINTS is complicated. It is this vast mini world made up of individual animal and human personalities and needs, of water, and grass and fences and gates, and food, and laundry, and windows and gates. There are bills, and donors, and accounting and laws, all needing to be taken in consideration, all important in some form or another.

A few months ago one of our former employees felt that i had stepped away, not involved, not caring too much any more about SAINTS. What I was doing was trying to redistribute the various responsibilities so that when I am no longer here, SAINTS would be safe. The problem is I cannot take 20 plus years of knowledge and experience and plunk it ll into everyone else’s head in a day or two, or even a year or two, this process will take a great deal of time.

And what I find frustrating about this process is as more and more people take on certain responsibilities for certain areas, is the notion that they alone are the only ones who actually care. I did not give up 20 years of my life to build a place of love, care and safety for senior and special animals to stop caring for any of them. I still am responsible for the well being of up to 120 on site and another 50 fostered animals. I started a multi species shelter because I wanted to help people understand that a cat has as much value as a dog, a turkey has as much value as a goat, a horse has as much value as a turtle’ a rabbit is as important as a pig, and a dove is as valued as a sheep.
I don’t give a shit what species they are..I want ALL of them happy and well cared for.
And do you know how hard that is?
Shyla can’t have any new dogs in her area because she is an emotional freak.
Ginger is causing trouble in her area because she hates Nakita.
The baby and mama sheep cannot live forever in the shop so Chewy will have to move and see if he likes living in the barn.
The turkeys are depressed and not engaging in life and we have to find a solution for them.
Snowman is blind and has to at all times be right next to Frost.
Snape and Dumbledor a couple of weeks ago lost their very good friend.
All of the farm animals need their fields repaired because they are grazing animals who absolutely must have grass but COVID is screwing up the field work.
The pigs need enough open spaces to allow them to rotate out and explore.
The dogs need not only time and space to run but some of them need limits on how they behave.
Stella is being euthanized today. I and others truly would like to be with her but I know she loves Erin, her primary caregiver best. COVID and social distancing means only one of us can go into clinics for euthanizations, so for Stella’s sake, that means Erin..

We have to change, adjust, be flexible and creative every single day to meet our responsibilities to our animals. We have to be willing to step forward and try new things and step back if it is someone else that animal needs. If something we try doesn’t work, we need to figure it out all over again.
None of us are in this alone. None of us are the only ones who actually care.
ALL of us are trying our very hardest to do the very best that we can.

Its huge, it’s complicated, but we are here, trucking along, trying to find the right path for every single individual who dwells here. That is the promise we made and that is a promise we strive every day to keep.

Posted: April 6, 2020 at 4:39 pm

So on Sunday I was visiting my new broken and starved ex race horse and I said to her
“You are Strong, You are Mighty, you are Seattle Slew’s granddaughter!”

and on Monday my girl with Michelle…. (turn on volume and watch til end!)


this is my new horse…

Posted: April 4, 2020 at 4:22 pm

SAINTS is full and didn’t have room so I decided to take her on myself and put her into boarding with Rick. She will get all the TLC she needs there to help her become the horse she is supposed to be.

Her racing name was Fabulous Charmer She is a thoroughbred 18 year old ex race horse. Her grandfather was Seattle Slew, Her great grand mother was Foolish Pleasure, 2 very famous racehorses.
Having famous ancestors didn’t help her.
I call her Charm.
Charm had a shitty life, thank goodness the SPCA Cruelty Dept. rescued her.
I love her, hopefully she will soon feel healthy, happy and valued.

just a quick update at saints

Posted: March 27, 2020 at 6:33 am

its been busy here.
we are still down 2 staff.
skye colicked 2 days ago. frost colicked yesterday.
charlotte is not well.
mitzy’s biopsy came back..non cancerous..yay!
sadly stella’s also came back but with terrible news and she is now palliative.
new dog buttons wants to be held 24/7 and barks a lot when he is not sleeping which is most of the night.
so far everyone else is ok but the staff here are without a doubt getting tired.
looks like a long road ahead of us which totally sucks.
we will keep hanging in and doing the best we can.
HUGE thanks to our staff and volunteers at the front lines in caring for our SAINTS.

My thoughts on COVID 19

Posted: March 23, 2020 at 8:09 pm

I am 61, have bad lungs and work in health care. Yes I worry about COVID. I worry about me, my family. I worry about my patients, my co
workers, and I worry about the people and animals at SAINTS.
This is a difficult time, it is scary waiting for the big shoe to drop.
Many of the nurses I work with are scared. They don’t know what this virus will mean to them, to their families and friends. None of us do but we are all afraid it might be bad.
Everyone I know is worried and none of us have that crystal ball to tell us what to expect.

I have been thinking about this a lot. About how to cope with this much uncertainty. And I don’t have any answers except two things that continue to stand in front of me.
I am a nurse and because of that i have a job to do.
And I am a rescuer and that gives me my second job to do.

Come what may, we all have jobs to do right now. To be nurses, to be rescuers, to be parents, partners, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, doctors, grocery clerks, pharmacists, gas station attendants, daycare providers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, correctional officers, scientists, cleaners..whatever.
We have to do our jobs a little bit differently, with a lot more stress. We have to self isolate and live with a little less freedom, with a little bit more caution and responsibility than maybe we once had.

But come what may, one day this too will pass. And maybe we learned some things along this current frightening path.
Our communities matter, our families matter, you and I matter. Our earth, our environment and the animals who dwell here with us matter.
We can make a difference, we can make things better.
We just have to do our jobs the best that we can.

Gideon knew that.