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Posted: November 8, 2019 at 7:16 pm

you know in the movies where the two guys are sitting at a table in a dark and smokey room and BOOM! suddenly the worst bad guy pulls out a knife and slams it into the other guys hand, pinning him to the table?
now i know how much that freaking hurts. except no bad guys were involved…just me being stupid.

so to distract me from the pain, you get a blog..but only one finger typing today…my left hand is out of commission..that other typing finger is on sick leave with his throbbing friends.

the vets were out today to see skye, noni, sofie, chewy and gus..nothing big for any of them..just some minor stuff. we are going to start accupuncture treatments on noni and sofie tho and see how they both do with those.

new blind bunny milly is doing ok..she thumps a lot, probably related to the occasional animal chaos in the house. i can’t wait until her 2 week isolation is over and she can move over to the more peaceful rabbit room.
newbies nora and percy are settling in well. both dogs are super sweet!

we did 2 student vet assistant group tours this week, one for DC and one for VCC. both groups seemed to enjoy the tours.

i am back to work tomorrow..hope my hand stops hurting before then. typing finger is getting tired..blogging done and not very successful as hand still hurting. hopefully the advil and tylenol will kick in soon…before i have to go into my bedroom with the moronic” we will bump and hurt your sore hand” crew.

note to self..some lessons in life hurt like hell…so don’t be stupid.

SAINTS Annual General Meeting 2019

Posted: November 7, 2019 at 7:18 am

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Soon.

Date: December 8th
Time: 12:30pm
Location: SAINTS Property at 33860 Dlugosh Avenue Mission, BC

The public is welcome to attend – members and non members.

An AGM is a necessary government requirement for any non profit in Canada (and most countries), and we schedule one before the close of each calendar year, per our bylaws.

But we like to think of it as so much more than just checking off a to-do item.

In the last few years we have shared a lot of information about our organization, at the AGM. Details such as our statistics on animals (how many were adopted, fostered, passed away, came in), financials for the year, and any significant growth and successes we have had, are all items that we go over at the meeting.

Please consider joining us if you’re able to. There will also be a regular Sunday tour that day, at 11am. So you could check out the sanctuary & animals, and then come learn all about the inner workings

quick notes

Posted: November 5, 2019 at 6:41 pm

shyla and i have this special shared bond. she is a total psycho freak show and she knows that i love her anyway without any rose colored glasses!

she was not happy with my extended holiday away from her. since my return, each time i leave her room and return it is an over the top, OMG! you are back!!! greeting. today she took out my knee and that still hurts!

new dog in..his name is percy and he is a very sweet 14 yr old poodle whose elderly owner was no longer able to care for him. boris and nugget are being unwelcoming dicks.

i got kind of spoiled on my vacation..i can no longer sleep in a bed covered with pee pads. so…while i was gone the old destroyed bed was carted away (thank you doug and staff!) and a new one was set up. i did some fix ups with the help of mark, roane and ashleigh and now am relatively happy with the new result. leakiy hannah is no longer allowed on the actual bed BUT..this bed has a trundle bed that i can pull out, cover with pee pads so she can sleep close to (but not ON me!)

tomorrow we are expecting another new dog and a new old blind rabbit. we have a large douglas college tour coming thru on thursday and a VCC tour on friday then back to work for me on saturday.
(not real) retirement is busy!

my trip of a lifetime.

Posted: November 3, 2019 at 4:16 am

I am home…the four footer’s gave me a very warm and welcoming (and where the hell have you been???!!) homecoming.
shyla literally cannot take her eyes off me and panic’s if she thinks i am leaving the room. luna just wants to lay next to me sighing with the occasional soft and tiny kiss. the others were just as demonstrative in their own uniquely special way to communicate that i am loved and was missed.
its good to be home again.

there were many special moments on this trip..if i had to pick 4, my favorites would be…

in africa i woke up early..every morning between 5-6am, it is a habit for me, i like to watch the sun rise.

one morning in Ambroselli as the sun was rising i was sitting outside watching the monkeys, baboons and hyena wander by. A Maasai warrior who worked for the camp to keep the wildlife (mostly the adorable little but thieving monkeys) at bay, came to talk to me. he did not speak english well and i do not speak Maasi but we communicated with broken sentences and gestures. he liked me (and i know he liked me because he refused to take any money from me when we took a selfie together.) he called me mama (a name of respect amongst the maasai) and when the others joined us, they were mama’s friends and he took their money for photo’s no problem. anyway, we had some kind of cross cultural connection, he gave me his cell phone number for if i ever go back (yes even traditional maasai warriors have cell phones!. our more cynical guide said it was probably because he wanted one of my daughters as maasi wealth is counted by numbers of cattle and numbers of wives.
i like my version that he just liked me. i liked him, he was a very nice man.

my second special moment was when dawn and ben (our incredible guide) and i went out in the jeep for an evening safari. we came across a fairly large family group of elephants right next to the dirt track we were on. ben turned off the jeep and we just quietly sat there for many long minutes with the elephants surrounding us, grazing quietly, close enough for us all to gaze into each others eyes. for me it was magical, i will remember those peaceful and surreal moments for a lifetime.

third on my list was another evening safari with lynne, dawn and ben in search of the elusive white rhino in the masai mara. there were only 13 white rhinos in hundreds of square miles of this park, everyone was looking for them. suddenly just as dusk was falling, ben heard over the radio that a mom and babe had been sighted. there began a high speed rush thru the bush along a muddy and slippery dirt track. we bounced, we slid, we avoided (somehow) getting stuck on deep muddy ruts and finally after a hair raising ride made it to the quiet field where mom was quietly grazing while her calf slept beside her in the deep grass. we watched from a close but respectful distance this once in a lifetime sight.

and finally in amsterdam,,the anne frank house. they let us thru in groups of about 100 to walk thru and view the actual annex where anne and her family lived for 2 years in hiding from the nazi’s. we climbed the tiny (and very steep) little staircases to each level. the crowd of 100 were utterly silent as we entered each room and viewed the few artifacts and photo’s that survived. we saw the actual pencil marks on the wall where her mother documented anne’s growth over those two long years in hiding. the fact that anne died in a concentration camp just weeks before liberation was soul sombering.
this is something that none of us should ever forget….hate brings devastation.

all races, all creeds, all colors, all cultures…we are all just people trying to survive.

life can be brutal and hard, but is also can be beautiful.
we must always choose to be be kind.

just a quickie cuz i am leaving today…

Posted: October 18, 2019 at 7:19 am

i want to thank all the people here who have dedicated so much of their time, their minds, hearts, blood, sweat tears and spirits to the well being of our crippled crew..[ast, present and future.
we are who we are today because of you and we will be even more because of you in the future.
SAINTS is all about the animals because the people have made it so. we all came here not to get something for ourselves, but to give something of real value to those who slip thru the cracks…respect, compassion…connection.

we are all connected…the people, the animals in this endeavor.
we have made the world a better place..not just for them, but for us too.
i love you guys…continue to take care of the sainted ones and i will see you all soon!
love to you all

i ordered a new bed

Posted: October 14, 2019 at 8:24 pm

because i sleep with bed eating assholes.

my whole rescue life has been about outsmarting the furry problem children but i have been losing the “don’t eat my freaking bed” for years. i have been throwing around my bed fail safe idea but no one likes my absolutely fool proof and brilliant plan….a casket. room enough for one to get a good nights sleep and then pop the lid closed in the morning when i leave, the bed will be perfectly safe from the bed eaters! sadly everyone i consulted thought it was just too weird of a solution…carol the vampire rescuer or something but it would make an interesting story during the public tours.

anyway..on to plan B which does not involve the obvious solution..bunk beds (i am afraid of heights and ladders.) this time thinking outside the bed box..but not far enough out to freak out the humans…i ordered a metal day bed. the kind with three fancy metal sides. i figure if i push the open side up against the wall, then all sides are protected. unfortunately it virtually means i will be sleeping in an adult sized crib which is not near as super cool as sleeping in a coffin. however folks here are more comfortable with the carol in a crib idea.

sometimes dogs are THE. BED. ENEMY.

anyway again..the staff have an idea to switch the dog areas around which involves moving me (and my asshole bed eating dogs) out of the sun room area. so far in the past 15 years my bedroom has been in every single room in the house except the bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry area. i guess i am used to bedroom shifting. maybe by the time i get home from our trip i will have a new bed and a new (used) room to crash in….or maybe not. you never know what will be around here. whatever…at my age its hard to get too excited about a new crib…hopefully no one will hang a musical mobile over it either.

i was sleeping

Posted: October 14, 2019 at 12:08 am

but nova was pressed up against my back playing bitey face with hannah and woke me up by shoving me around.. gawd that dog is a 110 pound play-a-holic….when will she grow up?!
this morning i awoke to an entire roll of paper towels torn apart in the yard..nova’s midnight handiwork i suppose. thank god for owen cuz he got stuck cleaning the mess up.

probably getting a giant breed puppy was somewhat of a bad idea…i love her but will love her way more when she grows into a quieter and more dignified old age.

speaking of….that old and wrecked crippled kitchen crew are absolute heart throbs! i was feeding the dogs at bedtime and boris was doing happy circles to keep me motivated. ginger was following me to and forth to ensure i didn’t forget anything. marcus was sending telepathic messages…”please make sure i get a lot!”
everyone else sat in the beds patient as saints for their turn…not like those moronic hyperactive, knock ya over goof balls who live in my room.

i thought the elephant in the room was supposed to be uncomfortably quiet but the elephant in my room is happy, happy, happy. so freaking happy…
all 110 pounds of her.

Great Board Members Wanted

Posted: October 10, 2019 at 12:54 pm

As part of our goal to get Carol Hine, our beloved saintly executive director and founder of Senior Animals In Need Today Society (SAINTS) into legitimate retirement we are recruiting for board members to join the existing team.

1. We are taking applications until October 30th 2019.
2. We thank all those that have applied but will only be contacting those that meet our needs at this time.
3. We are looking for, hopefully, two applicants with a human resources background, one with a legal background and one with a health/ medical background.

Here are the commitments we are asking for up front
1. Commit to three months of volunteer participation at the board level
2. Commit to attending board meeting at the shelter set out at 6 week intervals
3. Commit to furthering the organization through achieving designated goals set by the board which means taking control of an area that the operational side of the organization has not developed or defined.
4. Commit to a term of no less than 2 years on the board

Please click on the individual postings for more information


so ali sent me a message…

Posted: October 9, 2019 at 9:59 pm

please blog.

so i have been thinking..why is blogging so difficult for me now?
there are literally thousands of blogs here…going back way to the almost beginning. some days i could quickly whip off 2 or 3 in a day without even thinking. its not like that anymore so i was wondering why?

i think it is a bunch of reasons.. one being i am tired. i know i supposedly retired from nursing in May, but even if that officially happened, in reality it didn’t. i am working just as much as ever and frankly work has been insane for the past several months.
i also don’t have that much to say anymore.

when i first started saints 2 things consumed me..1. was bringing these animals to life. i wanted people to see how utterly interesting each of our crippled crew were..some were amazing, some were down right pain in the asses, but all of them incredibly cool and real personalities and i wanted to share that about them with you. and 2. there was a real purpose in what i was trying to accomplish here. i was not just your average warm and fuzzy crazy cat lady/puppy hugger accumulating animals with gigantic sob stories. the purpose was to acknowledge not only their existence but also their intrinsic value that deserved respectful and intelligent care. i also used this blog as a bit of a sounding/venting was like a mental health release valve…esp on my more crazy days!

i am happy to say…mission accomplished on all three fronts..our staff and volunteers, our supporters, donors, and fans all get it…every single one of these animals are incredibly important. and i have weathered the various storms and am not certifiably insane.

so much of the past blogs were about my own struggles along with the animals struggles too. it is full of sad stories, angry stories, triumphant stories, funny stories and a few oh my fucking god, heart and mind breaking stories too.

the things i am struggling with now in comparison are mind blowing boring. i am focussed on preparing for saints future which means getting all of our miniscule and yet frustratingly many, ducks in a row. and while this part of my responsibility to saints is critical (and fucking mind boggling)…it actually bores me to tears.
i am also 61 now..i have mellowed emotionally somewhat..altho not everyone would actually agree! but i actually expect shit to go sideways, not too much surprises me anymore..its taken a very, very long time but i finally get it…NOTHING is ever freaking easy.

now i spend a lot of time thinking, planning, plotting,,anticipating problems before they occur. now i can pretty much toss any rock in the pond and predict the ripples fanning out from there to here.

so i know there are still a few folks who like to read this blog, even if few of them ever comment…(hint, hint, ahem.) but i am not sure what i have left to passionately share about…i have probably sprouted off about everything possible over the years. i will try to blog a little bit more often for the few die hards left out there…

maybe when i get back from this trip of a lifetime in a few weeks, i will rediscover the joy in blogging?

photo added for interest (just in case this blog is boring!)
this is mad max..he is an asshole. but he is also adorable and he makes me laugh…i have no idea why why someone has not fallen in love with this tiny tazmanian devil..he had me the very first day.

Saint Swizzle-Stick has passed away

Posted: September 15, 2019 at 4:09 pm

here is her foster mom’s memorial video.
best ever.
RIP swizzle stick..hugs anne!