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Update on Q – now Cooper

Posted: July 11, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Hi Carol – it’s been a week since Cooper came to stay & it has been a busy week for him. He met Dr Elizabeth, who pronounced him healthy- his only issue was having his stitch removed. He has met his brother & sisters and while it took some getting used to, he has settled in well – they are tolerating him if not fully accepting him yet. He spends most of his time under my feet, and seems to think that the only place for him is either on the bed or on the chaise. Charlie has finally decided to reclaim his spot on the chaise & as that is not Cooper’s chosen place, all is well in that regard.He has condescended to curl up in a dog bed in my studio when I am painting but that is as far as sleeping on the floor goes! He has been very polite about taking his turn accepting treats, and was very surprised to learn that there are bedtime treaties each night – he has chosen his spot in the troupe for this & all is calm – no arguing from anyone. He had his bath & haircut today, and while I think he looks cute, he is very embarrassed about the hairdo and refusing to go outside! I am sure that is just a passing self image problem. Here are 2 pix – he is hardly recognizable without all his curly hair!
Anyway, thanks for sending him to live with us.

IMG_7860 (2)

IMG_7861 (2)

TEDZ update !!

Posted: January 13, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Hi Carol,

Thought you would like an update on our boy Teddy. He has almost reached his ideal weight, down from 15.6 Kg to 8.6Kg! He is much more easy going now, although he still reacts to strangers.

He did get me one night, bit into my knuckle and six weeks later it is still healing. Not his fault, I got careless and startled him from a deep sleep.

I am attaching a couple of videos taken 9 months apart… you will love the latest one taken yesterday.

Hope all is well for you, and thank you for bringing this boy into my life.


Click the link below to see TED at the end of April:

Click the link below to see his incredible new video for 2015 !!

Spot update

Posted: January 4, 2015 at 12:44 pm

Dear Carol and everyone at SAINTS,

Here we are at the end of December just having celebrated having Spot in our family for 5 (!) years. We have loved every minute with him and hope for many more years to enjoy our sweet, funny Spot!

One of the things that makes us laugh nearly every day is the endless positions he finds to nap in. Here are a couple of the dozens of pictures we have of him in one of these crazy poses. And, how do we know an eyeless dog is sleeping? Spot has a snore that could wake the dead!


2014 started out with a lot of football! Turns out our Terriers are BIG Seahawks fan. After all, a winning season was a great excuse for 2 people and 3 dogs to spend more time on the sofa than usual! We’re all happy the Hawks are doing well again this year….more couch potato time!


After being diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia in November 2013, Spot has bounced back fairly well. He is enjoying a custom, homemade diet and the smallest possible amount of prednisone to keep the disease in check and his weight up. He had his annual cardiology exam this summer and while his heart disease continues to progress slowly, he is still not on any medication related to it. We’re very thankful that he’s doing so well given all the health issues he’s faced. Spot continues to win the hearts of all that have the chance to meet him. Below is a picture of Spot’s cardiologist who came running out of the clinic after his visit to say one more goodbye. And in another photo the receptionist at our vet held him on her lap after he finished a blood draw while we were in another room with one of our other dogs. Sometimes I actually have a hard time getting them to give him back to me. J


Spot’s fur doesn’t grow as well as it once did due to some of his health issues. As a result of bumping into things because of his blindness and the fact that his hair doesn’t grow back well, he had developed a small bald spot on his forehead. So this summer I decided to put my DIY skills to work and make him his own “white cane” (made with zip ties) so he could sense obstacles before he hit them. While my “invention” didn’t work very well (not enough “feedback”) we found a product on the internet called the “halo.” Spot has spent quite a bit of time in it over the holidays and is tuning into the purpose. Scott has been developing a lighter weight version which we hope to trial soon. The halo name is apropos though as we definitely think of him as an angel sent into our lives.


Even though Spot came into our house many years after our other dogs and they weren’t super happy to have a third to share with, all have learned to coexist <mostly> peacefully and sometimes even with a snuggle.


Thanking you once again for saving Spot,

Lynne & Scott

Cricket update

Posted: December 29, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Cricket has made friends very quickly with Rosie, who appears to have accepted her into the pack amazingly quickly……..I think Cricket is so small and well mannered that Rosie doesn’t consider her a threat.

I have attached a couple of pics to show how well Cricket is fitting in.

I know how much Carol and you guys have on your plates right now and we so admire the terrific work you are doing.

Hope you have a great holiday week-end.


Ian and Maryimage



Where are they now? The Story of Floyd – CETFA

Posted: July 11, 2014 at 12:02 pm

saint Floyd’s original rescuers at Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) have done a great follow-up story on him, check it out:

Where Are They Now? The Story of Floyd

July 11, 2014· By CETFA

Five years ago this month, CETFA inspectors found and rescued a sweet duck they named Floyd. Floyd was living with thousands of other birds on a duck factory farm. The shed he was in was filthy; dying and dead birds in varying stages of decomposition scattered the ground around him. Things weren’t looking good for Floyd – he was on his back, unable to right himself to reach food or water, and covered in parasites.

Floyd just after his rescue by CETFA investigators from a duck factory farm.

Once back in their hotel room, the investigators applied cool cloths to Floyd’s feet and placed a rolled up towel under his emaciated chest and keel bone. Floyd was too weak to stand but drank profusely. Little by little, Floyd regained strength, and within a few hours, took his first wobbly steps toward one of his rescuers, flopping down into her lap to sleep. Floyd had very likely never known kindness from a human, yet clearly understood that he was in caring hands.

The next day, the investigators brought Floyd to SAINTS Rescue (Senior Animals In Need Today Society) – a beautiful animal sanctuary in Mission, BC., where Floyd continues to live, never again having to fear for his safety.

The contrast between where Floyd started his life and where he’ll live out the rest of it couldn’t be more profound. Floyd is now a radiant, handsome drake, happily swimming and enjoying time with fellow ducks, Edwina and Tiny Tim. We are so thankful to SAINTS for all they’ve done for Floyd and the many other rescued farmed animals in their care.

Floyd at SAINTS sanctuary, five years after his rescue from a duck factory farm by CETFA investigators.

Event info and misc.

Posted: April 1, 2014 at 9:05 am

With spring finally here, its time for the Annual Green Thumb Plant Sale. Pre-order your big, beautiful hanging baskets now for only $25. All proceeds will benefit three great animal causes including SAINTS. For more info contact

 photo plantsale.png

Less than one month until our Amazing Raise Pub Event. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Don’t wait! We are still seeking pledges and sponsorships to reach our goal, as well as silent auction items for the event. For more info contact:

 photo pubnight.jpg

There are still 7 more days of voting for the Share the Bounty Challenge. We are still in fourth. If we can move into 3rd we will win $5,000. Vote every day for Senior Animals In Need Today Society (listed under our full name) – vote here:

 photo bounty.jpg

Here is one of the new guys you haven’t met yet, Nacho. Very talkative and friendly. Really nice cat and handsome too!

 photo nacho.jpg

And here is Pac on his way to his new home a few days ago. Saints was lucky enough to be a part of this beautiful boys life, the bridge between working life and a loving home of his very own. Congratulations Pac and family! We wish you many years of happiness. Thanks to all of you Saints supporters, you helped make this possible

 photo pac-1.jpg

Happy Tail Updates and Upcoming Yard Sale to benefit SAINTS

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 12:02 pm

Here are some great photos of Tina Fey that one of our volunteers snapped a few weekends ago of her at her new home on the island.

Tina was one of those dogs that came from the LA rescue Ace of Hearts in 2010. She was in danger of being euthanized as a senior with a massive mammary tumor. Here she is with her her “Big” sister Keesha.

 photo GetAttachment14.jpg
 photo GetAttachment13.jpg
 photo GetAttachment12.jpg

Also, a few weeks ago we recieved an update from Sporty Bud’s new home!

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to let you know Buddy has settled today; I quickly realized on the ride home that I needed to sit in the back seat with him and he didn’t take his eyes off the road – I guess he wanted to make sure he knew the path back! After a tour around the house and yard we just tried to keep to our regular routine and let him find his comfort with all of us. It has taken him a bit to get used to Blair in fact he took a wide berth around him for a good part of the day – I suspect he hasn’t had the best of relationships with men in the past. He had a good nap and ate all his dinner tonight so that is a good sign. He had an early connection with my niece and it didn’t take long for him to test out her bed. He is a lovely dog and we thank you for trusting us with his care. Will keep you posted on how he is doing.

Helen & Blair

 photo GetAttachment15.jpg
 photo GetAttachment16.jpg

Weather permitting, the next Saints’ yard sale is going to be on July 20. Helga is looking for a few helper to assist with the setting up. Her number is (604) 826-0680 if anyone wants to get in touch with her or e-mail

7331 Wren Street
Mission, BC

Saturday July 20 from 8:30AM to 3PM
(will reschedule if raining).

 photo GetAttachment1.jpg

Happy Tail Updates: Tux (Joey) & Spot

Posted: January 29, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Here are two happy tail updates. It is always great to hear about our alumni doing well in their new homes. Their families have given them a second chance. These updates just go show how much value seniors have and how much life and love they still have in them.

The first happy tail is about Tux (formerly Joey) who was just recently adopted. His new mom, Lisa has written a great update on her blog entitled “Why I unexpectedly adopted a senior dog and whether I’d do it again.”

Here is a small excert and some great photos.

When we got home, Joey was informed that he would now be called “Tux” (picked by the kids, short for Tuxedo as per his colouring).


Tux had many little surprises for us:

1. He walks beautifully on a leash

2. He doesn’t shred our furniture! Or shoes!

3. He can be left alone at home without being crated

4. He brings us a toy and dances everytime we get home

5. He burrows in our bed like a frozen mole

6. He gives the best stinky-mouthed doggy kisses EVER

7. He is just plain silly and makes us laugh everyday!

Never once have I questioned our decision. Nor has my husband. In fact, we’ve wondered what we did without Tux all these years!

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!



Please read the full article here:

The second is about Spot who is a blind JRT that found his perfect home across the boarder a few years ago. His family sent in their annual update on NYE.

Happy New Year Carol and everyone at SAINTS!

We wanted to send our annual Spot update during our final days of our holiday break.

On December 4th , we celebrated Spot being part of our family for three years! It’s hard to believe he’s been with us for so long but it’s clear that no matter how long we have with him, it will never be long enough.

Spot’s health continues to be good. In his annual cardiology exam in June, his heart disease showed slight progression but he is showing no outward symptoms and does not require any medication. He’s on a heart-healthy homemade (and I don’t mean the rehydrated stuff) diet of turkey, veggies, and fish oil. We just finished making a batch of Spot food and the entire kitchen smells like Thanksgiving dinner! With Spot’s heighted sense of smell, he is one happy dog when the cooking starts. We often remark that Spot eats better than we do but he is well worth it. Aside from the progression of his heart disease, the only “health” news is that Spot had 4 teeth removed in April. When he was at SAINTs, during his enucleation surgery, he also had several teeth removed. With these 4, we were worried that crunchy treats were no longer in Spot’s future but he has somehow figured out how to get the teeth he has left together for most crunchy things. He only seems to have trouble with food that doesn’t fall apart with one good crunch, like a carrot stick, which can entertain him for a good five minutes because it takes A LOT of work to obliterate carrots. I assure you, he enjoys every minute of the challenge.

We’ve made some progress on Spot “training.” When he came to us, he was not too sure about nail clipping or crates. We’re happy to report that he no longer requires a muzzle to have his nails clipped and, in fact, is quite calm during the process. We can’t say whether it’s a trust he’s found in us or just trying to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a muzzle with flowers on it, but in either case, the experience is always positive these days. Spot also very much dislikes being contained in any way (we can’t imagine what a tough time he had in the Chilliwack dog pound before he came to SAINTS). Since our other dogs LOVE their crates, we thought we would try to turn this around by feeding Spot in his crate, morning and night. It worked…sort of…Spot goes to his crate when it’s meal time and waits patiently (except for the occasional “barrr-ooof”) for his dinner to be delivered. Just don’t try to shut the door. These Jack Russells do not miss a trick. Truthfully, we’ve achieved a lot with him as we regularly catch him napping in his crate when no one is looking.

For the first time in years we ventured away from our home for a few days of vacation on two separate occasions. Our three dogs, all of whom have “special needs,” stayed with our good friends Michelle and Deanna, both of whom are Licensed Veterinary Technicians who we met when our dog Maxx developed glaucoma 5 years ago. They all did really well, but Spot parked himself on our luggage when we came home as if to announce “Next time, you won’t forget me!”


Spot loves the sun and truly relished every minute of our summer stay-cation this year. Being with the family in the warm summer months seems to be Spot’s nirvana.



There aren’t words to describe how wonderful it is to share our home with Spot. He makes us smile every day and we can only hope we have made him half as happy as he’s made us. Thank you for the gift.

Happy New Year from us all!

-Lynne, Scott and pups Spot, Sophie & Maxx

Special thanks to all of the hundreds of homes over the past 8 years that have given our seniors a second chance and a happy ending.

for the folks who don’t read the comments…

Posted: January 27, 2013 at 7:08 am

3.Hello Carol and everyone at SAINTS. It has been two weeks since my wife and I adopted MYA. Just want to give you all an update as to her adjustment to living with us in the City. MYA thinks she has arrived in dog heaven. She loves it here, has adjusted well and has to be the mellowest, best adjusted, friendliest dog I have ever owned. Such a love suck, always kissing or leaning or demanding a belly rub or quick game of nose soccer.

Never ever had a thought of bringing her back to SAINTS and now on our two week anniversary I am writing to say that MYA has found her forever home.

Thank you all for saving this wonderful dog. It is unimaginable that this sweet girl was not wanted. I read this blog daily and so admire the job you guys are doing. Thanks again for the best old girl in the world.


Dave, Catherine, Deana

Happy Tails – Mustang Sally

Posted: August 30, 2012 at 11:09 am

I haven’t posted here in a very long time! So with Carol’s permission, I am posting a link to the blog I wrote about Mustang Sally (now Gracie) . We have adopted Gracie and could not be happier! She’s having a good time too!

I wrote a blog post about her which you can see here.