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SAINTS in B&W – some of my favorite photos

Posted: March 17, 2014 at 7:56 pm

saints rescue b&w

Please take a minute to register and vote once a day for us to show your support and help senior and special needs animals. We could win some much needed $$$$ and all it takes is a minute. Many thanks!!!! Link to vote, we are listed under our full name, Senior Animals In Need Today Society:

Photo Post

Posted: March 9, 2014 at 2:27 pm

Here are the new baby chickens, growing fast
 photo 10003527_713421932014070_1096646103_n.jpg

China came to saints a few weeks ago, but for those that haven’t seen her photos on our facebook page here she is – such a beauty.
 photo 1901451_710333905656206_772401637_n.jpg

And here is Pac, making himself right at home
 photo 1924784_707064332649830_6630671_n.jpg

so photogenic
 photo 1800409_710333908989539_355706145_n.jpg

Max cat is feeling better
 photo 1948031_713423175347279_1733843719_n.jpg

Teddy is doing better too
 photo 1013306_707064705983126_99080051_n.jpg

Rose is still waiting to get out of her xpen cage
 photo 1898118_713423328680597_1277211844_n.jpg

Bobbi seems to be doing well out and about with the general cat population in the MP building. She sure loved to play
 photo 1497594_713421832014080_552446558_n.jpg

Carl was not enjoying the snow two weekends ago …
 photo 1619470_707063155983281_236319001_n.jpg

The cows were making the most of it … LOVE!
 photo 1925024_707063145983282_362181520_n.jpg

and here is Ellie the pink pig princess spending a rainy day yesterday in bed … must be having a great dream look at that smile.
 photo 1896762_713422222014041_1063372763_n.jpg

the other new guys

Posted: January 21, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Thanks mom for posting some of the new guys but you forgot a couple and I felt obligated on their behalf to make sure their pictures made it to the blog as well.

Some of these are not as new as the others but they haven’t had their faces grace the blog yet so they are new in my photo post world.

Ollie – our newest and now third recent beagle rescued (including Jake and Luke). Ollie is the widest of the three and also the happiest. He reminds me the most of Copper.
 photo olloe.jpg

and Salty one of the smallest dogs now at saints although I think Roxy might be smaller she certainly is more dangerous.
 photo salty2.jpg

Scratch, is a senior who was a cruelty sezuire due to medial neglect. He is a huge lazy bed potatoe and has been at saints for just over a month now.
 photo scratch.jpg

Here he is this weekend with his new best friend, Carol!
 photo carol.jpg

Here is the new shy senior tabby, Rose
 photo rose.jpg

I looked through and could not find Luke either so I have added him too! He has had a dental since this photo and now only has one of these cute little fangs. The one is now more an endearing snaggle tooth. Cute, sweet and calm little guy except when food comes out … then he morphs into a barking machine screaming “food food food, yay, feed me I am starving!” (typical beagle). … nevermind I did find him in a post from a few months back. Oh well. I will leave him on here since he is so cute.
 photo luke.jpg

And lastly, believe it or not I don’t think a photo of chevy has been posted yet? At least not by me anyways. He has been with us since the Summer. He sure is a handsome little guy:
 photo chevy.jpg

and while I am at it here are a few other photos.

Do you remember Carol mentioning how the dogs were digging holes and laying in them?

Well here is June laying in her whole and looking pretty darn proud of herself! lol too funny.
 photo june.jpg

Here is a really nice picture of ziggy from saturday. You can see the little mark on his nose – thats ring worm. Hoping to get rid of this nuisance soon!
 photo ziggy.jpg

Here is Carol doing the dreaded barn bedtime! I was being very unhelpful and just taking pictures. The sheep are so nice and so easy. I would support Carol doing a sheep only rescue.
 photo sheep.jpg

Here is Mystic playing with her “dead rabbit” stuffie on the afternoon field run with Luna running along side her.
 photo mystic.jpg

and finally here is a picture of Slyvester in his new home on day one. What a great cat and we are happy he has found a dream home. Yay happy tails!
 photo slyvester.jpg

photos of our new guys

Posted: January 19, 2014 at 11:09 pm

kirk lola robbie luna

Kirk, Lola, Robbie and Luna…all of them beautiful…great photos jenn!!!

Photo Post

Posted: December 11, 2013 at 9:23 pm

First, here are the newest saints

Fairlane – a beautiful, long haired, easy going, big boy. Fairlane is friendly, though may seem a bit shy at first. He is a healthy, gentle, lovely cat, likely about 10 years old.
 photo fairlane.jpg

Daisy – is a senior cat that was a favorite in her former shelter. She is a quiet and sweet cat with some health issues.
 photo daisy.jpg

Darby – was a home surrender for biting. He is a very sweet and needy dog who was probably in the wrong home.
 photo darby.jpg

Shep – is a 12 yr old shepx from the spca. He had a dental done and is on pain meds for his arthritis and some other things. He is very sweet and gentle dog that gets along well with cats and other dogs.
 photo shep.jpg

Bobbi – was a stray who was lucky enough to find herself at saints during a cold snap. She will never be without food and a warm bed again!
 photo bobbi.jpg

 photo berniceberdie2.jpg

and here are a few favorites from the last few weekends (sorry for the lack of barn guys photos but its been too cold outside for me and also with the septic works its a pain to get around).

Jake – I know! tell me about it. The septic work meant I wasn’t about to go down for runs in the lower field for a week!
 photo 1450199_669470543075876_960315837_n.jpg

Fernando is such a cutie!
 photo 1479175_664668210222776_1090901164_n.jpg

Crash is so beautiful
 photo 1467348_669470116409252_2074804009_n.jpg

Buddy is serious most of the time and but also be very silly when he plays
 photo 1463210_669469916409272_916035021_n.jpg

Jesse with his bestie, Andy!
 photo 1452198_664668500222747_38648791_n.jpg

Roxy takes a great photo but still scares the crap out of me!
 photo 1480512_669471039742493_648976736_n.jpg

Odie has been a good streak!
 photo 1012766_669470963075834_69883104_n.jpg

I love all of the following cats and would take them all home if I could!

 photo 1476519_669471359742461_2011278697_n.jpg

 photo 1425574_669471259742471_967205455_n.jpg

 photo 1486786_669470606409203_735618314_n.jpg

Long weekend = extra photo day!

Posted: November 11, 2013 at 10:05 pm

I decided to spend my extra day off back up at saints taking more photos. I also decided to take out an old lens that I have not used for a while – just my cheap/basic canon 50mm 1.8. I was having a lot of fun with this little lens today. I posted a ton of new photos to the Facebook November album. Here are a few of my favs from today …

Crosby and Jingles
 photo d.jpg

 photo f.jpg

 photo h.jpg

 photo t.jpg

Tiny Tim (and Floyd)
 photo x.jpg

Princess Leia and Ray
 photo y.jpg

 photo p.jpg

 photo w.jpg

Max cat
 photo k.jpg

 photo b.jpg

 photo c.jpg

 photo e.jpg

 photo i.jpg

 photo g.jpg

 photo j.jpg

Capone and Riley
 photo v.jpg

 photo n.jpg

 photo a.jpg

Photo Post

Posted: November 10, 2013 at 9:07 pm

Meet the newest saints

Yoda – who could give grumpy cat a run for his money!
Such a nice friendly cat though and loves to play
 photo 10.jpg

Teddy – is a senior blind dog that looks like a puppy.
Such a cute face. But he gets weird about being petted.
Ten seconds of pets are ok. 30 seconds are not.
 photo 12.jpg

Sylvester – such a gorgeous cat with distinct markings. He is a purring machine.
 photo 14.jpg

Luke – the new beagle is a beautiful cream color with the typical big beautiful beagle eyes
 photo 6.jpg
 photo 5.jpg

and here are a couple of my favorite recent photos

Cheese! – Cece
 photo 11.jpg

Fernando the hairless Mexican rocking this trendy turtle neck sweater
 photo 13.jpg

Wilbur the friendly pig coming over to say hi!
 photo 9.jpg

The horses in the upper field on a crisp fall day
 photo 4.jpg
 photo 8.jpg

Roxy the crazy one-eyed maniac looking cute just moments before she snaps and snarls and manages to take a chunk out of my upper thigh
 photo 7.jpg

and finally our darling Daphne in the Carol’s loving arms
 photo 1.jpg

For more great photos check out our Facebook page

I’m back! Photo Post – meet the newest saints

Posted: October 14, 2013 at 9:09 am

Its great to be back with a working camera!

Here are some of the newer saints that you may not have met yet:

The newest one is Chewy – he as an SPCA cruelty seizure that was starved and has a tumor on his tongue. He is palliative. Nice dog.

 photo 1394792_638812642808333_1654951435_n-1.jpg

Boomer came in a few months ago. I believe he was a stray from up North. He has put on a few pounds from when I last saw him …

 photo 1381570_638811462808451_1093566909_n-1.jpg

Fritz is one of several new grey tabbys that have recently come in. Fritz is a bit shy and seems to have claimed this shelf as his safe spot.

 photo 1385344_638811949475069_896301099_n-1.jpg

Martha is a beautiful Calico with only white in her chest. She is very friendly and lovse to play and be pet. Like most calicos though she doesn’t particularly like other cats and would prefer to have her own cat castle.

 photo 1381396_638812329475031_1857431675_n-1.jpg

This is roxy aka crazy horse. Enough said.

 photo 1186145_634943209861943_652460113_n.jpg

This is Nikki 2. Very sweet new little softie!

 photo 1383886_635157443173853_260836600_n.jpg

This is baby. The other sheep – Annie and Elizabeth have accepted her into their herd and now all three are glued together.

 photo 1378056_638810696141861_1135511729_n.jpg

The new spent meat rabbits are all white and very friendly.

 photo 1379921_638812636141667_1910281139_n.jpg

This is Toby. He has these droopy eyes and puffy face that reminds me of an orangutan for some reason.

 photo 1379424_638812296141701_1106388490_n.jpg

This is preacher. He came in a few months ago. He is incontinent. He runs around like he owns the place and at night he snuggles with one of the dogs.

 photo 1378319_635158559840408_1647573043_n.jpg

This is gerty. She is a puppy. I don’t know what her story is. She is just a happy little girl that loves to play and gets along with everyone.

 photo 1376395_635157123173885_938623472_n.jpg

This is Rudy the new senior horse. He has some pretty little brown spots on his coat.

 photo 1377225_635159026507028_1779889196_n.jpg

Last weekend Raven was all hot shit chasing him around and being a jerk. But yesterday when I was out, all seemed calm in the upper field and Rudy was happily grazing with the other horses. He is a really nice horse.

 photo 1376512_635159053173692_1384524671_n.jpg

This is Passat (black) and Orion (beige). Super nice cats – very talkative and addicted to pets.

 photo 1184895_638812549475009_967283612_n.jpg
 photo 1381259_634942806528650_943259060_n.jpg

This is Riley and Capone. Big, beautiful oafs with too much fascination in cats.

 photo 1383700_638812712808326_252298314_n-1.jpg
 photo 1376655_638812732808324_773297734_n.jpg

This is max cat. Love this cat. Super friendly and nice. Very handsome too!

 photo 1377472_638811832808414_1989741959_n.jpg

This is owen. Blind and deaf and will currently only eat really expensive baby food – brat!
 photo 1375267_638812046141726_1892110738_n.jpg

This is pepper. He came in a few months ago. He is super cute and friendly if he trusts you. Otherwise he might nip your finger if you try to touch him.

 photo 1375874_638810952808502_2006453885_n.jpg

This is andea. Too cute for words.

 photo 563661_635158519840412_1091141984_n.jpg

This is Fernando. I want to steal him away. He loves to play ball.

 photo 1238238_635158206507110_2033675144_n.jpg

This is summer the goat. She also same in a few months ago.
 photo 1234929_638810636141867_935256489_n.jpg

This is wanda. A female orange cat! So rare. She is super photogenic and I love her eyes. What a beauty.
 photo 1385446_638812432808354_714628112_n.jpg

This is tigger. The came in a few months ago. He is super super nice. I think he a younger adult cat. He should have found a home by now 🙁
 photo 1044530_634943669861897_2000605259_n.jpg

Lots more photos on our Facebook page – click here

Really Bad Pictures of Some Really Nice Animals

Posted: September 20, 2013 at 9:21 pm

I am a horrible photographer but I took pictures of all the new animals since Jenn and her camera are not available

 photo 528d1e8e-55e2-41df-a20b-f3c7100e6030_zps031290ec.jpg

I forgot her name. Okay I forgot all the cats’ names. (wanda)

 photo dbd2c358-22b3-4e47-ad4f-365eaf2c1d21_zps6fc88abd.jpg
I think this is Wanda (no..this is Martha)

 photo c9cf5c1d-85b8-4737-834a-54d8985062d9_zpsfbf1573c.jpg
 photo 0c2b8a16-1d6d-4bd1-ade9-b44f7019b2dc_zpsc806c915.jpg
Passat and Orion. Which one is which is a mystery. (Passat is black, orion is liliac point)

 photo 0fbb3bdd-6d1f-4d95-a0dd-bf05c7871840_zps8f9b03e6.jpg
 photo ad077cca-f70e-46c8-8662-c5d6b533162f_zps472656b4.jpg
Riley and Capone. Again which is which is a mystery (this one is right..riley #1, capone #2)

 photo 1db9729d-c7f0-46b6-99e2-2770140aab6a_zpse5381074.jpg
Gertie (or Gerty)

 photo ea859385-f404-4064-840f-da10f556746b_zps3c8c2859.jpg

 photo 26b4973d-6e1f-45f0-b589-dd83f33b2ae0_zpsae621440.jpg
And last but never least … Lance… This old guy jumps fences… really!

SAINTS Residents… Artist Cheryl Shaw

Posted: July 14, 2013 at 11:16 am