SAINTS Permanent Fosters


Sponsor a Permanent Foster

Not a day goes by that SAINTS doesn’t receive a request to take in a senior or special needs animal, whether it be an owner-surrender or a shelter animal.

Often, we must reluctantly turn them away simply because we don’t have a space at the shelter or a foster home available.

Fostering is a special gift for both the animal and the foster family. Because of the specialized, medical needs of our animals, they are only available for fostering within a reasonable driving distance of our vet clinics.

All medical care and special diets are covered by the sanctuary for our fostered animals and any special training and support will be provided to the foster family. For more information on fostering a senior or special needs animal, please contact us.

How to Sponsor a Permanent Foster:

  1. Choose the Permanent Foster you would like to Sponsor
  2. Sponsor via Paypal on this page or click here to fill out a sponsorship form and mail it to SAINTS with a cheque (monthly donation cheques may be sent postdated and will only be deposited on the dates you specify).

Through our sponsorship program, you can help a senior or special needs animal that isn’t adoptable (by traditional standards!) SAINTS cares for over 200 senior and special needs animals every year. It costs an average of $17,000/month to run our sanctuary. Your monthly contribution will enable us to keep our promise to all the animals that they will always have a special place to be loved, cherished, and receive proper medical care for the rest of their days.

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