Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

group1We are an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals that have nowhere else to go. We provide a special place to be loved,
cherished, and receive proper medical care for the rest
of their days. All animals deserve to have hope for
a better tomorrow.

At various shelters throughout B.C., dedicated staff
and volunteers work tirelessly to find these special
animals a place to finish their journey in comfort and
in love. Because of their infirmities and physical challenges,
many homeless senior and special needs animals have
very little chance of finding a new home. SAINTS exists
to help senior and special needs animals when all else
fails. If we can, in time, find them a special home
of their own, then we do. If that very special home
never comes, they will be safe and cherished until the
end of their days.

We pledge to love them, to care for them, and make their dreams come true. We
promise each of them that they will never be alone again