just a quickie cuz i am leaving today…

Posted: October 18, 2019 at 7:19 am

i want to thank all the people here who have dedicated so much of their time, their minds, hearts, blood, sweat tears and spirits to the well being of our crippled crew..[ast, present and future.
we are who we are today because of you and we will be even more because of you in the future.
SAINTS is all about the animals because the people have made it so. we all came here not to get something for ourselves, but to give something of real value to those who slip thru the cracks…respect, compassion…connection.

we are all connected…the people, the animals in this endeavor.
we have made the world a better place..not just for them, but for us too.
i love you guys…continue to take care of the sainted ones and i will see you all soon!
love to you all

i ordered a new bed

Posted: October 14, 2019 at 8:24 pm

because i sleep with bed eating assholes.

my whole rescue life has been about outsmarting the furry problem children but i have been losing the “don’t eat my freaking bed” for years. i have been throwing around my bed fail safe idea but no one likes my absolutely fool proof and brilliant plan….a casket. room enough for one to get a good nights sleep and then pop the lid closed in the morning when i leave, the bed will be perfectly safe from the bed eaters! sadly everyone i consulted thought it was just too weird of a solution…carol the vampire rescuer or something but it would make an interesting story during the public tours.

anyway..on to plan B which does not involve the obvious solution..bunk beds (i am afraid of heights and ladders.) this time thinking outside the bed box..but not far enough out to freak out the humans…i ordered a metal day bed. the kind with three fancy metal sides. i figure if i push the open side up against the wall, then all sides are protected. unfortunately it virtually means i will be sleeping in an adult sized crib which is not near as super cool as sleeping in a coffin. however folks here are more comfortable with the carol in a crib idea.

sometimes dogs are THE. BED. ENEMY.

anyway again..the staff have an idea to switch the dog areas around which involves moving me (and my asshole bed eating dogs) out of the sun room area. so far in the past 15 years my bedroom has been in every single room in the house except the bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry area. i guess i am used to bedroom shifting. maybe by the time i get home from our trip i will have a new bed and a new (used) room to crash in….or maybe not. you never know what will be around here. whatever…at my age its hard to get too excited about a new crib…hopefully no one will hang a musical mobile over it either.

i was sleeping

Posted: October 14, 2019 at 12:08 am

but nova was pressed up against my back playing bitey face with hannah and woke me up by shoving me around.. gawd that dog is a 110 pound play-a-holic….when will she grow up?!
this morning i awoke to an entire roll of paper towels torn apart in the yard..nova’s midnight handiwork i suppose. thank god for owen cuz he got stuck cleaning the mess up.

probably getting a giant breed puppy was somewhat of a bad idea…i love her but will love her way more when she grows into a quieter and more dignified old age.

speaking of….that old and wrecked crippled kitchen crew are absolute heart throbs! i was feeding the dogs at bedtime and boris was doing happy circles to keep me motivated. ginger was following me to and forth to ensure i didn’t forget anything. marcus was sending telepathic messages…”please make sure i get a lot!”
everyone else sat in the beds patient as saints for their turn…not like those moronic hyperactive, knock ya over goof balls who live in my room.

i thought the elephant in the room was supposed to be uncomfortably quiet but the elephant in my room is happy, happy, happy. so freaking happy…
all 110 pounds of her.

Great Board Members Wanted

Posted: October 10, 2019 at 12:54 pm

As part of our goal to get Carol Hine, our beloved saintly executive director and founder of Senior Animals In Need Today Society (SAINTS) into legitimate retirement we are recruiting for board members to join the existing team.

1. We are taking applications until October 30th 2019.
2. We thank all those that have applied but will only be contacting those that meet our needs at this time.
3. We are looking for, hopefully, two applicants with a human resources background, one with a legal background and one with a health/ medical background.

Here are the commitments we are asking for up front
1. Commit to three months of volunteer participation at the board level
2. Commit to attending board meeting at the shelter set out at 6 week intervals
3. Commit to furthering the organization through achieving designated goals set by the board which means taking control of an area that the operational side of the organization has not developed or defined.
4. Commit to a term of no less than 2 years on the board

Please click on the individual postings for more information


so ali sent me a message…

Posted: October 9, 2019 at 9:59 pm

please blog.

so i have been thinking..why is blogging so difficult for me now?
there are literally thousands of blogs here…going back way to the almost beginning. some days i could quickly whip off 2 or 3 in a day without even thinking. its not like that anymore so i was wondering why?

i think it is a bunch of reasons.. one being i am tired. i know i supposedly retired from nursing in May, but even if that officially happened, in reality it didn’t. i am working just as much as ever and frankly work has been insane for the past several months.
i also don’t have that much to say anymore.

when i first started saints 2 things consumed me..1. was bringing these animals to life. i wanted people to see how utterly interesting each of our crippled crew were..some were amazing, some were down right pain in the asses, but all of them incredibly cool and real personalities and i wanted to share that about them with you. and 2. there was a real purpose in what i was trying to accomplish here. i was not just your average warm and fuzzy crazy cat lady/puppy hugger accumulating animals with gigantic sob stories. the purpose was to acknowledge not only their existence but also their intrinsic value that deserved respectful and intelligent care. i also used this blog as a bit of a sounding/venting board..it was like a mental health release valve…esp on my more crazy days!

i am happy to say…mission accomplished on all three fronts..our staff and volunteers, our supporters, donors, and fans all get it…every single one of these animals are incredibly important. and i have weathered the various storms and am not certifiably insane.

so much of the past blogs were about my own struggles along with the animals struggles too. it is full of sad stories, angry stories, triumphant stories, funny stories and a few oh my fucking god, heart and mind breaking stories too.

the things i am struggling with now in comparison are mind blowing boring. i am focussed on preparing for saints future which means getting all of our miniscule and yet frustratingly many, ducks in a row. and while this part of my responsibility to saints is critical (and fucking mind boggling)…it actually bores me to tears.
i am also 61 now..i have mellowed emotionally somewhat..altho not everyone would actually agree! but i actually expect shit to go sideways, not too much surprises me anymore..its taken a very, very long time but i finally get it…NOTHING is ever freaking easy.

now i spend a lot of time thinking, planning, plotting,,anticipating problems before they occur. now i can pretty much toss any rock in the pond and predict the ripples fanning out from there to here.

so i know there are still a few folks who like to read this blog, even if few of them ever comment…(hint, hint, ahem.) but i am not sure what i have left to passionately share about…i have probably sprouted off about everything possible over the years. i will try to blog a little bit more often for the few die hards left out there…

maybe when i get back from this trip of a lifetime in a few weeks, i will rediscover the joy in blogging?

photo added for interest (just in case this blog is boring!)
this is mad max..he is an asshole. but he is also adorable and he makes me laugh…i have no idea why why someone has not fallen in love with this tiny tazmanian devil..he had me the very first day.

Saint Swizzle-Stick has passed away

Posted: September 15, 2019 at 4:09 pm

here is her foster mom’s memorial video.
best ever.
RIP swizzle stick..hugs anne!

keeping it all in perspective.

Posted: September 1, 2019 at 7:42 pm

there has been a lot of talk over the years in the rescue community about having a mentorship program, or a professional oversight or regulating body to ensure certain standards in rescue/animal welfare are maintained. the problem of course is the diversity in the populations of people involved in rescue. and with that diversity comes a whole lot of differing beliefs, differing experiences, differing goals in what folks hope to achieve.

its not really just about knowledge or experience…anyone can read a bunch of books or internet sites and develop a bunch of opinions…really it mostly comes down to personal values, personal character, to common sense and effective problem solving and even more so…to actual commitment.
i am really not interested in someones cup that is overflowing with knowing it all at any given moment. i am more interested in someone whose cup still had room to continue to learn and grow, that allows for self learning and insight into what motivates us to move forward by accepting our limitations, our mistakes, owning them, taking responsibility for them in order to do better.

there is no doubt that i am far better at rescue now than i was 20 years ago. 20 years ago. everything was much more simple, more black and white. it was easier to accept some things without looking too closely behind some stuff. 20 years ago we used to lose more cats to infections, to fatty liver, basically to high stress because we didn’t know better how to effectively deal with feline emotional meltdowns. now we know, we have processes in place to help them safely get thru the transitions during a terrifying time in their lives. cats are far more delicate than other animals..but back then we didn’t know this. it was a hard and painful learning road but we learned those lessons well.
there is nothing like an unnecessary death to make us learn how much we really don’t know. and we carry those unnecessary deaths forever in our souls.

it takes character to accept our personal flaws and to live with our mistakes. it takes strength to stay with our toes to the line and not let our personal feelings and agendas knock us off course and over into the sloppy sidelines.
rescuers have one job only to provide the animals within our care a safe, respectful, comfortable and appropriate day to day life. our job doesn’t end on the day they are rescued, or even the day they are adopted, our job continues should they need us until their life ends.
this is why i have no patience for rescues who do not take their animals back when in future need, or the ones who place animals inappropriately and refuse responsibility, a job half done is not a job well done at all.

and rescue is not just about rescuing animals and finding them a good home. that’s the easiest part of what we do. it is the constant battle to bring in enough funds to pay the bills. it is about not wasting time or energy swimming in circles. its about seeing the problems, the issues, the roadblocks and finding effective solutions to move on. and above all..rescue is not personal. it is not a popularity contest. it is a real job with sometimes uncomfortable situations and difficult days that still need the job to get done well.

i don’t know how we can regulate that, or even mentor that. when the going gets tough either the tough get going or we toss in the ball and go home. i suppose we could have standards of care for all rescues but even that is a slippery slope that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. the newest thing in animal welfare is capacity to care…this basically assigns certain amounts of space, staffing levels, and other resources minimally acceptable to each animals care. however when dogs 0r cats are kept in singular kennels vs in a communal environment…we need more space to house them alone, more staff to exercise or enrich them individually than we do when they are running and playing freely as a group. so capacity for care differs depending on how the animals actually live.
maybe there is a middle line here but sometimes it is hard to find that happy medium when minds are closed to discussions.
which brings me back to that cup of knowledge….we don’t want it empty and we don’t want it too full. it is hard to keep our minds open and be willing to think about things in different ways to keep learning new knowledge and skills.

i may not be the best rescuer out there but i will say that not for one single moment have i ever stagnated and stayed still.
rescue is a journey. the road is before us on both rainy and sunny days, the road is still there even if our knees hurt or our heads are screaming in pain, that road stretches out past the horizon without maps or signs to guide the way.

20 years ago i never in my wildest dreams caught even a glimpse of today’s saints. and yet by keeping our eyes on the ball and putting one foot in front of the other, look how far we came.

so can we teach this? can it be regulated?…maybe. these are just my airy fairy thoughts tonight but maybe the real answers lie with the folks who took this journey with us and others…25, 20, 15, 10 yrs, 5 yrs or newby…what brought them into the world of rescue? what makes them stay?

3 more SAINTS lost…it has been a terrible weekend.

Posted: August 25, 2019 at 10:39 pm

lilo out matriarch bunny passed away yesterday. she suddenly became ill and had spent the night in the ER and came home with meds but she passed away early in the morning. huge thx to roane for spending hours in emerg with her so she wasn’t afraid.

wicket died yesterday, his new family rushed him into ER in cardiac failure. So very sad they did not have more time together but they wanted wicket to have a great home for whatever time he had left. and they gave him that, hugs to his family and thank you so much for being brave enough to give him a home at his end.

and tonight we lost diesel. he has been sliding downhill for the past several weeks, multiple med changes could not stop the downhill slide. this weekend he was having really difficulty breathing so he was taken into the ER and with an ultrasound a pleural effusion was discovered. this most likely was the result of an unknown and hidden cancer and the vet said there was no real hope for him. luckily andrea (the love of his life) was with him so instead of a highly stressful, fighting/biting enraged diesel end…diesel was a sweet marshmellow and passed peacefully with andrea’s gentle and loving hands upon him.
rest in peace diesel..you were a kick ass dog and all of us loved you, even when you tried to bite us!

HUGE thanks to The Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley for taking such kind and expertise care of our most vulnerable and precious lost souls.

Cinnamon passed away yesterday

Posted: August 23, 2019 at 12:57 pm

Initially she made the adjustment to SAINTS really well but one day suddenly she was laying in a litter box hissing and growling. This was so uncharacteristic of her that we rushed her into the vet thinking she had a UTI or a stone. Nothing showed on the blood work, the urinalysis, or the xrays so treated her with antibiotics and pain meds just in case. She did settle down and went back to her sweet normal self but continued to be problematic to feed, eating less and less, hiding and sleeping a lot. Another set of antibiotics and a switch to other pain meds but she continued to fail. Yesterday the vets agreed that there was really nothing left to try for her and it was time to let her go. Cinnamon was a very sweet 15 year old cat and we were so sorry to lose her.

Nine more days for a chance to win $8500

Posted: August 22, 2019 at 10:22 pm

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