Sponsorship Program

Want to help out the animals at SAINTS, but can’t take one home?
If so, the Sponsorship program may be for you.

The majority of the animals that come into our care have major health issues that require extensive medical care and attention. The average monthly vet bills are $10,000. SAINTS’ operating costs are above and beyond that. Your sponsorship helps cover the animals’ medical needs and helps provide them with the loving care and attention they deserve. It is also a great way to help out if you see an animal you want to help, but are unable to foster or adopt. For $25 a month you can sponsor an animal of your choice. Your name will be posted as a sponsor for that animal on its sponsorship page. If your animal passes or is adopted and your sponsorship is still active we will transfer your sponsorship to another deserving animal.

If you’d like to, you can give the sponsorship in someone else’s name, as a way of remembering or honoring a friend, family member or pet.

How to sponsor a sanctuary animal:

Fill out a SAINTS ANIMAL SPONSORSHIP FORM and mail it to SAINTS with a cheque (monthly donation cheques may be sent postdated and will only be cashed on the dates you specify).Mail form and cheque(s) to: SAINTS, 33860 Dlugosh Avenue, Mission, BC V2V 6B2

Pay by credit card by using our PayPal Account.  Just click on the species logo you are interested in (found below) and go to the PayPal drop down menu and choose your animal.  You will then be redirected to SAINTS’ PayPal site.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship please email us at info@saintsrescue.ca

All donations to SAINTS are tax-deductible.