Wish List




SAINTS has between 110 and 120 animals in its care at any given time and rely on donations to help us provide the loving care they deserve.

We appreciate all that you can do. Remember that if you provide an original retail receipt a tax receipt can be issued!

Donations can be dropped off seven days a week between 9am and noon.

If you would like a tour when you drop off your donation, you must come on a Saturday or Sunday for our once a day tour that starts prompty at 11am.


– Little Cesar’s Wet dog food

– Pedigree Poptop canned dog food

– Medical Kibble  (Hypo, urinary etc.)

– Large dog beds 



– Pine woodstove pellets (used for cat litter)

– Canned Friskies

– Good quality cat food

– Kitten kibble ( high fat content, we can’t get enough of this for our seniors)

– Whiskas CATMILK 

Horses, Sheep, Chickens, Goat, Cows, Pigs and a Llama

– Salt Licks

– Treats (carrots, apples, timothy cubes, melba toast)



– 12% Rabbit Pellets

– Treats

– Salt Licks

– Bales of wood shavings

– Rabbit toys from Rabitats Store, http://www.rabbitats.org



– High quality budgie food

– Treat sticks



https://kuranda.com/cat-products/cat-tower 4 & 6 level sizes

-Jolly balls.  A big hit with the dogs and cows  Jolly Pets

– Gas cards for vet runs in our van ( Esso, Husky, Mohawk )

– “High energy” HE Laundry Detergent

– Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, Paper Towels, Windex

– Garbage Bags (large size)

– Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

– Stamps

– Canadian Tire dollars

– Gift certificates to RONA or Staples

– Large towels  

– Small tractor/plow

SAINTS can always use monetary donations to help with housing, food and medical needs.


If you want to help, you can send a cheque payable to: SAINTS, 33860 Dlugosh Avenue, Mission, BC V2V