naked bird

Posted: September 23, 2006 at 7:34 pm

good title huh,

Here’s Edna, Saints’ newest bird, I don’t think we know why she’s so naked, but I don’t think she can count on Hank to keep her warm.

Thought I’d throw in a pic of pleeze, she was looking amazingly white and perfect today. (no chicken should be this big).

And finally, just for Mo, here’s Roxie:

And Mo’s two beasts beating the crap out of each other:
Levi and Roxi

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  • Jean says

    Great pictures, Nicole!
    Did you notice how Edna actually likes people, and comes running up humming a little tune? I swear she sounds just like a very soft, quiet, mellow trumpet playing Reveille! I never expected a chicken to transport me back to my childhood summers at camp – she has a lovely, soothing voice.

  • Rae says

    Awesome pictures Nicole. I think Edna is quite the lady even without feathers!!!

  • Carol says

    edna is a lovely chicken, and roxie and whatzizname (haha, i remember tonight, it is levi) are having way too much fun at the homeless animal orphanage.

  • Sheila says

    Roxie must be looking at Mo in that picture. She as a “I love you look” on her face. Those two dogs are so fixtated on Maureen that I feel a little jealous.

  • Mo says

    Thanks for taking the pics of my guys Nicole , I’m a failure as a photograper. They really do love each other and when they get going playing with each other I always worry a bit & I hear my mothers words ” it’s only fun until someone loses an eye ”

    Edna is a real sweetie, I can’t wait to see her blossum into the beautiful chicken that she is !!

  • Carol says

    edna seems fine today, except she wants to come out and hang with me…maybe after all the chores are done she can be our first guest at the picnic before the dogs come.

  • nicole says

    mo, i have a bunch more I’ll send you tomorrow.
    i really want to come out tonight (especially for a beer), but i am being ‘forced’ to go the Banana Leaf.
    Both honey and ozzie had a good night, with only one minor (solid) accident and many pee breaks. they are having a snooze on the lawn right now.

  • Mo says

    Yea for Ozzie & Honey, I can just picture them… it was a great picnic Nicole … but you didn’t really miss anything… next time we will have to plan ahead & make sure you can come.

  • Carol says

    there is still beer and brownies left nicole, they might still be here by the weekend,(or maybe not).

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