My day at the Spa, by Pippa

Posted: November 22, 2006 at 4:22 pm

(Okay, I had to give her access to post on the blog, so I let her use my password – Jean)

I went to the beauty parlour today and that Samantha cleaned me up really prettily.  I have lovely pink bows in my hair, and a warm pink scarf around my neck, and I had a pedicure and a facial, and  a hair cut and style, and some hair removal from my face and legs and ummm underarms……I feel like a new doggy!!!  A girl needs that kinda treatment every now and then.

And the night before my day at the spa, I got to have a sleep over at Kathy’s.  I thought maybe I would go home with her but instead Jean met Kathy at Sam’s and then took me to SAINTS.  I stood up the whole way, right until we got to the bridge, because I just didn’t know where I was going!  That part was a little bit stressful.

That Samantha from Markeyda’s Pet Grooming in Langley is THE BEST – I didn’t squeak or fuss at all because she was so nice.  Well, maybe I fussed a little when she did the hair removal on my face, but I bet a lot of supermodels squeak at that, too!!! 

Anyway, I’m back home now, wrapped in a nice clean coat.  That silly Phoebe tried to pull out my pretty pink bows!!! 

Kathy took before and after pictures, so maybe Nicole can post them here.

Love, Pippa.

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  • Maureen says

    Oh my , I’ve seen the pictures, is that Pippa ? What a great job Sam did, she looks beautiful.

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