heads up…mosie is not well

Posted: April 10, 2007 at 10:27 pm

she is filling up with fluid tonight. her chest was filling up earlier today, and i gave her another dose of lasix which helped to clear her out, but her abdomen is even fuller than it was before. i will call the vet tomorrow and see if we can tap her off tomorrow. but i will only do this once or twice, if it keeps coming back there is no point in doing it over and over. poor babe, she was having fun here!

5 Comments on "heads up…mosie is not well"

  • Rae says

    Fingers crossed for Mosie!!!!!

  • Chris T says

    Sorry to hear this Carol. I hope she is better today!!! Come on Mosie!

  • Carol says

    she is better this morning…note to self…lasix in the late evening means going outside to pee many times and someone has to get up and open the door.

  • Carol says

    the tap was not successful, they tried three times and then gave up. the vet recommends euth fairly soon. hmmm, mosie is not done with the pond yet. she also suggested sswitching to tramodol which i will do and see if that makes mosie feel any better.

  • Mo says

    I hope it makes her feel better, she has not had enough love & fun & swims & walks & pets & kisses & treats & scratches yet.

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