dave did not make it

Posted: September 12, 2007 at 1:22 pm

his heart just stopped while they were working on him.

rest in peace dave and if you come back again to try this life one more time, don’t come back as a commercial duck, a wild one in a protected wetlands would be better.

your brothers and sisters all are getting a really good home with a very nice duck loving lady…. i am sorry you didn’t get to go there too.

4 Comments on "dave did not make it"

  • Lory says

    What a lucky duck. He was only here for a short time but he was rescued, appreciated and admired. I’m sure he enjoyed his time at Saints and died without suffering.

  • Emma says

    I hope Dave comes back as a beautiful swan, an “ugly” duckling deserves that. What a fighter………………….

  • Rae says

    I’m sorry Carol that Dave didn’t make it. Thank you for trying so hard.

  • wendy says

    Aw; dave so sad you did not get your leg fixed but at least you knew how good life could be as a pet duck…

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