so i re-did the videos

Posted: February 11, 2008 at 9:55 pm

hopefully everyone should be able to see them.
let me know if you can’t.
I changed the americat one so if you watched it before, watch it again.
they aren’t the best quality otherwise the files would be huge.

The first is of the newly finished multipurpose room
and the second is of the Ameri-Cats.

17 Comments on "so i re-did the videos"

  • Carol says

    the americat one is better from the boomer link, it is not so close up and you can see them better…why is this?

  • Mo says

    Weird .. I could see them before & now I can’t ??


  • info says

    crap, stop looking while i fix it.

  • info says

    ok, now it should be fine.
    mo i have no idea why you can’t see it. you should have windows media player/quicktime?

  • info aka super wonderful nicole who should be doing a wound management writeup instead of fiddling with saints videos says

    by the way
    info = nicole
    i get too lazy to change my login.

  • Carol says

    oh hey..i can write your wound management paper! i know all about the newest and greatest in human wound care and it WAYYY ahead of vet. med.

  • Carol says

    for those who are worried…the rock and mosley are missing in the video, but they are alive and both well and still here… just busy elsewhere apparently.

  • info says

    yes sorry about that, the rock was in some video i had, but he runs right up to it and all you see is black. and mosley, don’t know where he was.
    i was surprised that sunrise was in some video.

  • Carol says

    sunrise is doing so great, he is out all the time now, lets me pet him and even purrs. he is such a sweet and sensitive cat.

  • Emma says

    Now I can’t see them when I could before and I have Quicktime!??

  • Donna says

    Thanks Nicole, I can now see the videos.

  • Jean says

    Waaa – I still can’t see them. Couldn’t before, and can’t now. I don’t get a message any more, just a clear box with a little red x in the corner, and no matter how long I wait or what I click, the video doesn’t come up.

  • Cheryl says

    I love the videos…now I can see them…Sniff brought tears to my eyes…Alladin looked so handsome.

  • Hillevi says

    If you have the red x look on top of the internet screen – there should be a pop up blocker message about an Active X control. Click the message. When I did, the videos played.

  • Hillevi says

    Thank you so very much for the video. They all look so wonderfully plump and healthy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking these guys in – they have come so far at SAINTS. They all look so happy and content. Charley is a pistol. Aladdin was such a handsome gentleman. He was as regal in the video as he was in Pahrump – which was really hard to be in those conditions.

    I am crying tears of joy and sorrow.

    The multi-purpose room also looks fantastic!

  • Jean says

    Thanks Hillevi – that did the trick! (Why didn’t I see that message about Active X before???? LOL. Next time I’ll drink my coffee BEFORE checking my computer).

    Wonderful videos, Nicole. The animals and the rooms look great! Aladdin was a beautiful boy – run free, Aladdin.

  • Marisa says

    The videos are fabulous, Nicole. I loved the music. And the multi-purpose room looks so lovely and inviting. I want to live there especially since it means I can look in on the Americats whenever I want. Their room is wonderful too…especially with their little fire roaring away. Thanks for sharing!

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