thank god it is friday

Posted: March 14, 2008 at 7:02 pm

on my way home at noon, i spent half of my lunch break convincing a lost, stray dog that she wanted to be saved. so far no owner found., she is a very large and odd girl and her hips aren’t great. i gave her a low dose of pain meds and hopefully we will find her family asap.

the lady who facilitated the transfer of taffy here, just came with the other two mid size models. i had to say not tonight, i am too tired to intergrate them into the house this evening and the MP room is currently occupied with the big, odd, no name dog, cody is upset that she is over here and they will just have to wait til tomorrow when maybe i can deal with stuff better or at least think coherently enough to figure out who goes where.
which reminds me, i got my day off back again tomorrow, one of the other nurses offered to work the extra shift. thank you guardian of my days off!

the swelling is even further down in spritely’s leg and edith is an utter and complete evil demon, she has not a single ounce of saint in her except she is so freaking cute. she is now GROWLING and head butting pete and percy out of the food bowls and they are none too happy about this. edith pisses them off and they are scared of her so then they start bugging me like it is my fault. while they may be afraid of a 20 pound goat, they are not the least bit afraid of me. barn bed time was not fun tonight.

squirt is just weird. he has been darting back and forth between the bedroom and den for the past half hour…he appears to be greatly enjoying himself.

i will work hard around here tomorrow but i am doing diddly squat around here tonight.

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