lex is ok

Posted: March 28, 2008 at 10:37 am

not a stroke.. vestibular disease…she feels like she is on an out of control merry-go-round but she will eventually be fine. she will need hand feeding, syringe feeding for fluids, and carrying around for a bit…she is on ABX and steriods and anti-motion sickness meds…plus she doesn’t like being left alone very much so til she can walk again, she needs lots of company.
welcome to my scary roller coaster life.

kathy kelm is digging thru the cupboards and bugging me so i gotta go to work, quick.

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  • Laura says

    Lex you are such a SPECIAL GIRL! I just knew that you heard those whispers in your ear last night. Can’t wait till I see you Sat. for more cuddles & love!

  • Chris T says

    ya lexi!!!! good news.

  • Cheryl says

    Goodo…have had 2 of our dogs that have had that in the past and both came thru just fine. It took my little Buddy girl about a week. Caymus about 3 days. I had wondered if it was that when you first mentioned it.

  • Lory says

    Our MacKenzie had that last fall and it lasted about 3 weeks so I guess it is a bit different for everyone. As well as balance problems, he seemed deaf. He recovered at least 98% of his old self (He is 13). I hope your dear Lexie does well. These furry family members sure put us on “out of control merry-go-rounds” too, don’t they.

  • Hillevi says

    I am so happy for you Carol. Yeah Lexie!!!!! May you both have many happy, wonderful years together.

  • Too cool;
    For Lexie and Carol and all the people that love her. Thank gooness once again. Eva

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Wonderful news – sending positive thoughts from here. Yeah Lexie!

  • Bridget says

    good news that is definitely needed at this time- lexie is always one of our favorites when we visit saints.

  • lynne says

    i am so glad for carol and lexie. she is such a sweet dog. i will see her as much as i can. she looks just like a puppy with her new body-do. lynne

  • Erika says

    Our Cody had that this early this year too – it is so scary at first. She got better after a month or so, but never quite lost the head tilt. She was on antinausea medication and that seemed to really help. Also, I think that you have laminate floors like us; we found a spray used on show dogs that you put on their paws to keep them from slipping on the floor. If you want our can of it you can have it, it really seemed to help Cody stop slipping on the floor.

  • Rae says

    Very good news!!!

  • nicole says

    erika, can you tell me what the spray is called. i had to pull up my carpet and until i get a new area rug wesley and honey are not having too much fun on the hardwood.

  • Erika says

    Nicole – I sent you an email.

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