SAINTS Winter Wonder Land

Posted: December 25, 2008 at 9:35 pm


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  • lynne says

    what great pics. thanks for taking them,lana. i especially like the closeup of ellie. the dogs really had a lot of fun. i am glad you had a good time with your family, carol. the little fat beagle spent the night sleeping with me and had a great turkey dinner. i forgot how high he can jump when he sees food and i almost lost a whole turkey leg off the ta ble. other than that he has been on his best behavior. jhe probably wants more sleepovers.

  • Carol says

    and that was our white xmas..thx for posting the pics.

  • What wonderful pictures. The animals look like they are all in good shape and are very happy. The new horse is beautiful. Ellie is quite a pig and loving the snow. Carol you are doing a wonderful job. Must be hard in the deep snow, however the dogs seem to love it. Thank you for your compassion towards these animals and thanks to all your wonderful volunteers. We will be doing another garage sale this spring or summer for you. That is about all we can do as far a volunteering, as we are a bunch of older gals. Happy New Year. Vi

  • Sheryl says

    Who belongs to that smiling face in the foreground of picture #6? What a doll!


  • carol says

    thats este, she is a happy, life’s a party kind of girl.

  • anita says

    ok i’m so not a winter person but when i see these pics i’m actually quite jealous…..what a way to spend a day…..awesome!

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