ok..this new dog is just too freaking cute

Posted: July 27, 2009 at 9:20 pm

he tosses a stuffy in the air and it lands on a sleeping jewel..he looks at it for a second and then darts away so she won’t think he just tossed a toy at her…it was some other new guy.

he scratches his ear and then he decides to kill his foot, he chases his tail and falls over after one full circle…i go to pick up poop, he gets his nose right down there with me to see what i am doing now.

i open the door to the darkend yard and say…hey max do ya wanna go pee?…he stands there looking out for a second, says “no freaking way” and charges back into the kitchen to whirl around and look at me.

and oh my goodness…a three legged cat? where is his other leg? is it here?..is it there? how does it walk? how interesting is that????

he looks like a cheerful hyena (sp??) and is a totally funny guy…OMG! i just love funny dogs!!

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