renee needs all of the volunteers phone numbers

Posted: August 31, 2009 at 7:34 am

she is building us a contact book (volunteers, vets, suppliers, repeat stray dogs home numbers…who ever we might need to call) apparently my habit of losing numbers and then scrounging around, it not all that efficient any more.

please write your contact info for her on the kitchen white board.


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  • nicole says

    renee, i’ve emailed you mine, meghann’s, zoe’s and maureens.
    any volunteers who might not be out soon can email me their contact info at and I will forward it on to renee.
    please put wolfie and zues owners numbers on their too.

  • Francesca Wilson says

    Hi Carole, just to say Marie and I will be at SAINTS on Wednesday.
    Thank you, francesca

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