cattledog on the move…

Posted: February 1, 2010 at 8:25 pm

he finally wandered out of the kitchen, came over and checked me out…accepted a head rub and a butt scratch and now is sitting with his ass on my foot.
he is looking decidedly more cheerful..i have heard a few snarls and saw a few lip lifts around the food and water bowls…..oh and by the way…kodi-bear likes broccoli! (thx laura and lana for dinner for all of us tonight!)

apparently the blue devil is settling and catching his second wind, now i am getting nervous…please god make this dog be good!

6 Comments on "cattledog on the move…"

  • leila says

    Can I ask you something Carol? Did Kodi-bear sit on your foot with his tail tucked under or did he lift his tail and then plant is ass on you. If he choose to sit on you the 2nd way, he is marking real good as his property real. You are an impolite boy Kodi


  • Carol says

    tail under…he is old he doesn’t have a clue what his ass sits on, he is just happy it actually still sits….but having said that…i am still reserving judgement on everything else because i don’t think the word “polite” is one of his favorites.

    wait til you see him…you are going to fall in love (fellow crazy cattledog fan!) he looks like a heeler/aussie cross…. i tried to steal his pic from the dogwood petfinder site but i couldn’t get it to post here…(hint, hint to anyone who can????)

  • leila says

    Does this work? He is stinking cute and looks so innocent but is he???

  • Carol says

    lol..i will let you know in a couple of days..all i know for sure is….he is old but not dead.

  • Marisa says

    He’s beautiful!!!

  • Jenn Hine says

    you know I love a blue dog … I hope is a good too.

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