Posted: March 9, 2010 at 11:04 pm

SAINTS’ pub night is in 11 days and we have sold very few tickets. I would be so very, very appreciative if some of you that are reading this could post that you are coming to the event and you are just buying your tickets last minute.

Also… we are not sure how much is being raised to save Carol having to loose her hair (since we are all keeping our totals to ourselves until the evening) so please if you can’t make to the evening consider donating the $10 pub night donation to Saving Carol’s Hair.


7 Comments on "SAVE CAROL’S HAIR"

  • laura says

    I just picked up 4 tickets the other night and left my money in the office.

  • Meghann says

    My husband and I are both coming – we were just planning on buying tickets closer to the actual date because I’ve been away at some conferences.

  • lynne says

    i am coming with my daughter and maybe 2 more people. how are you for silent auction items

  • Mo says

    I have sold 10 & may sell a few more….

  • Daryle says

    can not attend but bought a ticket with Paypal. Sure hope there will not be any hairloss.

  • Sheila says

    I sure hope there won’t be any hair loss either…
    Thanks guys for the information. I have about 35 items on silent auction items because I am naively relying on the donations from saving Carol’s hair that I went light on auction items. Stay tuned for March 21st to see how things turn out.

  • lynne says

    i do have a bunch of clothes that are top of the line. we have had them before at the fundraisers. i can bring them with me to the fundraiser and if they do not go have them for the next fundraiser. my friend has a daughter who is a designer. cute clothes. let me know. my email is they are summer clothes. i think dawn bought a pair of jeans or pants last time. i know someone said they should not have been put around the corner because nobody knew they were there so went very cheap.

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