Posted: May 20, 2010 at 8:53 pm

i just received confirmation that on may 29th from 10am til 1pm that 35 telus employees will be here to repaint our fences as their part of telus’s employee volunteer service day…(this is so great because now our fences will look good for the open house too!)

i need 3 or 4 people to commit to being their anchors here…making sure they enjoy themselves (so they want to come back again next year) …answering their questions, introducing them to the animals who will be under their feet (or in percy’s case…over their heads and sucking their hair)…..keeping everyone safe (and ellie out of their paint trays)

i will pick up the paint and supplies prior so everything is here and ready to go…but..i was not given a date until tonight and i am working that day…YIKES!!!!!

and we will still need our regular cleaning crews too.

gonna spiffy this place up

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  • Jenn says

    well thats a saturday so I will be there … and can do those things.

  • lynne says

    i can help too

  • Shelley says

    I can help all day.

  • nicole says

    i think i’m off that day so i can come out and help aswell.

  • wendy says

    i’ll be there too…

  • marie bellemare says

    what a wonderful team spirit, truly inspiring, can’t be there cause I’m at the other end of the country but will surely be with you guys in thoughts !

  • sheila says

    I didn’t know you got in touch with them. I’m glad that worked out for you.


  • Jenn hine says

    did you and Mo come up with a list of stuff for the work party and then a list of suff for the 3-days leading up to the openhouse?????

  • Colleen Bridges says

    I can be there to clean if you’re still short some folks.

    Carol, if my handyman and I come out this Sunday will you be around to discuss wall repair tactics? We’ll pick up all the supplies.

  • Colleen Donnelly says

    I’ll rake the leaves along the pasture fence lines next Thursday and Friday. Also even out the mulch in the riding ring along the fences.

  • SteveO says

    If you want….lll use my account at colverdale paint…n pick up supplies next week if you like… any fences need preasure washing first???? I will be up on tuesday

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