some days just suck all the way around…and some days are just so wonderful too.

Posted: August 29, 2010 at 8:23 pm

lotus and scrappy moved to their new home today with sheila and leila…a plain, shy, little crippled, black cat and a homely, old, battle scarred, butterball both dear friends, got a home together of their own….yay!!!!

AND..the big news of the day…bailey also got a great home of his own. it was a forgone conclusion when michelle left here yesterday because bailey had picked her and was intent on going home with her then. he recognised her car right away to…

aw shit man..i just lost the rest off the post when i went to publish and i am not writing it again….
surffice to say…bailey went home to his new home today…and double and triple yayayay too!

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  • Hillevi says

    Yay to forever homes!!!!!!

  • lynne says

    yay yay and double yay for bailey. i am so so happy for him and for michelle. i had so hoped he would find his forever home and hopefully he has. life is good. i am also glad for the cats too. they deserve that too. and on your former blog carol whether or not there is a bigger picture while the animals and people are here they all need to be taken care of and we try to do that until their time is up. it does totally suck that these things happen but i guess we can only be there for them and do the best we can.

  • erin says

    im so glad michelle came back for bailey, woohoo!

  • Michelle says

    Hi there,

    Bailey is doing great. We’ve gone for 2 walks and met a bunch of the neighbors. He is loving the walks!Kabuki even tried to engage him in play but Bailey wasn’t sure what to do yet. He’ll get there. Ate heartily at dinner. Thanks S.A.I.N.T.S. for all that you do!

  • Colleen B says

    Such fabulous news!!! He so deserves this!

  • Carol says

    my room feels kind of empty without the big guy stuffed in there but it is empty in a really happy for bailey way!
    kabuki is so freaking cute..esp his little ears….if he ever goes missing you better come looking for him in my bedroom…that dog has adorableness wrapped up completely.
    now i am thinking that maude is a husky/shiba mix..because something about his head and face and the way he looks around him, sure reminds me of her….trouble with a capital T..but a fun kind of trouble if there really is such a thing.

  • Cam says

    So happy to hear about the forever homes!! Yay!!

  • laura says

    Wow….the ups and downs of rescue. One day so sad and the very next day so happy…..and what a fabulous day at Saints for 3 of the crew. So great for Scrappy & Lotus to start a new life with their best friend…thanks S & L. Those of us up their today were just bubbling over when Michelle drove in the driveway wierdly just as Bailey was headed down the driveway for a walk. When he saw her pull up you could read his mind……”I knew should would come back for me…who can resist a handsome, charming Shephard”. It was so heart warming to see the big lug crawl into the backseat and make himself comfortable and then as we are all saying bye Bailey have a great life….he is saying ” ok see ya put it drive mom and lets go home”!

  • Ann C says

    That’s the best news ever for Bailey he’s such a great dog. So happy for you too Lynne, I know how much you wanted this for him. Wishing him, Michelle & Kabuki lots of walks, fun & love.

  • sheila says

    Scrappy and Lotus didn’t have a real great home coming
    The spent the day in the closet. Scrappy eventually allowed for pets but he is very protective of Lotus.
    This morning he came out though and Lotus only comes out of the closet when we aren’t there. They are both very interested in Little Face (our cat) who doesn’t like them right now. She is hissing at them through a baby gate.

    From their files – Scrappy (originally named Scrapper came from Grand Forks or near that area and Lotus came from Dawson Creek. Now they are Surrey cats and have gone down in the world – according to Carol.

  • Marisa says

    So, there REALLY is a Dawson’s Creek?!!

  • Jenn Hine says

    yeah Bailey and Scrappy & Lotus!!! I have pics but for some reasons I can’t get them off my camera. Tried for 4 hours yesterday and will try again after work … but it is not looking good 🙁

  • erin says

    it took my cat 3 weeks to start coming around the house, but shes shy…i just cant picture scrappie scared!

  • sheila says

    They are both now doing much better than Little Face.
    They are looking through the bars of the room they are in saying “let us out” but Little Face is too intimidated so she keeps saying don’t let them out –

    Lotus is still very shy of us but not Scrappy. He is purring and rubbing and generally very comfortable.
    He wants access to the rest of the house.

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