the happy sigh…

Posted: March 27, 2011 at 4:58 pm

there is a soft gentle dance of budding friendship in my house. mystic and sherlock are quietly playing in the kitchen right now. she is very tired from her long active day and sherlock is being very gentle while they play.
in this place of the ancients, the youth shall dance. one whose time is short here, the other a little bit broken but with a long life to come. the elderly ones watch sleepily from their beds as our babes at saints happily chew on each others necks and heads.

and i better get my own elderly and sleepy butt in gear and get the waiting barn guys settled and fed their dinner!

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  • Carol Ann says

    I have to say that Sherlock is the best pup he is smart, sweet and very eager to please. Someone is going to get lucky with this beautiful boy.

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