i had big plans for today…

Posted: August 12, 2011 at 10:51 pm

they included hitting the pharmacy at 9 am for some decent cold meds cuz the no name ones i had sucked big time. then i was coming home, doing up the diabetics and trucking my now thoroughly anti-cold drugged self to bed. it sort of happened in a convoluted way.

i got to the drug store ok and bought nyquil day/night… that stuff is great (and expensive… $22 a box!) i came home, downed a couple and then the phone rang…kristy was supposed to be in maple ridge for her dental today. huh? i thought i made the appointment for drop off early NEXT friday!!!! so i grab the dog and rush into the clinic..(luckily she hadn’t been fed yet)…half way there i realized i was running on empty so i was a bit nervous until i actually got there. i dropped her, got some gas and then rushed home to finish my big plans.

i did up the diabetics and grabbed a couple of movies and i did get in a couple of hours of pure undisturbed rest. and then the phone rang and the last load of our incoming cruelty seizure cats were ready for pickup…(saints welcomes,,,gabby, cindy, flora, roxy, and gary) (gotta love a plain black cat named gary!)

i ran back into maple ridge to pick up kristy who now only has one lower canine tooth left. and as i pulled out of my parking space..i backed into a car illegally parked behind me….damn it to hell. i went into subway and asked who owned that car. it was a young girl who had just gotten her “N” and apparently never learned to park in a parking space….she just pulls in along the cement barrier instead. it pisses me off because i am going to have to pay for her mistake cuz i am the one who hit her because she doesn’t know where she should park her car….N is for numbskull.

it was a pretty good day.

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