Newest saints and photos

Posted: November 15, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Here are the new kitties:



(sad) Sam– snuggles with SAINTS volunteer, Penny



and here are a few of my favorites from the last few weekends at SAINTS …

Joey gives a big yawn

Mystic looking for trouble …

Carol and the bed buddies on Saturday afternoon

barn volunteer, Christopher heads inside to say hi and is ambushed by shih tzusPhotobucket
Nicki getting some lovings from Christoper

Brad Pitt gets the zoomies
instead of a “cutie of the week” I would like to award “beauty of the week” to bea

and for more recent photos taken the last few weekends check out the November @ SAINTS album on the SAINTS facebook page

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  • nicolemc says

    umm, jenn, where’s mr. pugsley – just cause my big oaf is adopted now doesn’t mean everyone has stopped wanting to see his beautiful giant head.

    Also Lynne, I’ve officially renamed Pugsley – Nigel Cooper McClelland

  • laura says

    That is a very dignified name for a giant oaf to live up to…lol however it will give our very much loved oaf something to strive for! Speaking of pictures how about some of your crew…how are they all doing..

  • cheryl and stef says

    oh my gosh. that is the cutest picture of a big with the zoomies. i hope it is okay that i put the picture on my facebook page. it is too adorable

  • nicolemc says

    i have some great pictures of all the cats together. I got a new couch yesterday and they were very excited about it. I will try and post a photo or two tonight.

  • Tammy says

    Great pictures Jenn. Especially Bea, she really is a beauty and a great cat. If anyone is looking for an energetic, high spirited young cat that will keep them constantly entertained, then Bea is the girl for them. She’s not the best with the other cats, she sees them more as pawns in her game of life.

  • lynne says

    thanks nicole for letting us know his new name. now we can start calling him that.he is just the sweetest, goofiest dog. heis so affectionate when are you taking him.

  • jan says

    carol would you be interested in the commercial large capacity dryer in good working order? It is free on craigslist and they would like SAINTS to have it They are on SE Marine and Elliot and they would like Pu on Friday. Lynne may be able to pu

  • Bridget says

    Remmy. <3<3 my heart just gave out a spart

  • Marla in SD says

    As always, great pictures! And Mystic takes my breath away – she was an adorable puppy, and what a BEAUTIFUL girl! It’s hard to remember that she’s “ill”! Everyone looks so happy and healthy – you all do great work!

  • lynne says

    there is no way i can do it on friday but one of the staff members ernie who has a truck said this morning that he may be able to do it. maybe phone carol and get ernies no off her. i do not know what else to tell you.

  • Leila says

    Love Ollie and Maybelle’s faces. Little baby faces.


  • Helga says

    Ollie is a total sweetie little love sponge. Maybelle has a bit of a ” get outta my face!” attitude towards the other cats but loves being petted too.

  • lynne says

    ollie and maybelle look like little pug cats with there squished in faces. very cute and love that shot of brad pitt. he looks so happy.

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