The Traveling Wilbury's

Posted: November 26, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Once upon a time in a far, far away land, we were born. There were many of us together but just two of us now. When we were still very little we were herded up into a big and noisy truck and taken to the auction house. My brother and I were bought by a man and put in a box in the back of his pick up truck. We drove way up a very big mountain and the man put us in a small and mud filled pen. It was cold and wet and we could not move very well because the mud was so deep. The man said he was going to grow us up and then eat us! My brother and me were very scared and unhappy.

One day a lady came all dressed up in a uniform, she told the man he could not make us live like this because it was mean. The man gave us to the lady and she got us out of that mud filled pen, loaded us up in the van (it was not very easy) and took us back down the mountain to the SPCA shelter. There they made us comfortable with good food, clean beds and a dry roof over our heads. Everyone was very nice to us and we liked living there. They called us Charlotte and Wilbur and now we had names!

We did not stay there for too long before we were moved to an animal sanctuary called SAINTS. They were really nice to us there too and made sure we were comfortable with a nice and dry stall to sleep in and plenty of really good food.

A few weeks later we were once again loaded up into the back of a trailer and taken for a very long ride over to an island. We had a new home there and it was nice too but we could not stay because we had some problems with one of the other pigs. So the lady in the uniform who saved us from that first terrible home, came all the way back over to the island to take us to our final and forever and ever home.

Wills and I were a little worried about this new trip, where were we going now? and for how long would we be able to stay? Imagine our surprise when the van door opened again to find ourselves back at SAINTS!

We knew everyone and we knew that we liked living with them. They had dinner ready with all of our favorite things and our house all set up and waiting for us. Carol says we are now home and our travelling days are done.


Welcome Home Charlotte and Wills… your new forever home life has really and finally begun!!! (and sorry I did not accept this fact the first time around!)

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  • Carol Ann says

    I am so happy they are safely back.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Welcome home sweet pigs. Can’t wait to see you next weekend.

  • laura says

    Since you are the Traveling Wilbury’s then Saints is your “end of the line” welcome home Charlotte & Wills:) we will “handle with care”

  • Ashley says

    Good news! Hal (the exotic shorthair at our clinic) went to his new home today! A fantastic couple I know well adopted him 🙂 Thank you to all who helped, especially Zoe who offered to foster him for me!

  • Lisa says

    How did he keep pigs at Cypress as isn’t it a govt park? People don’t live up there so did he have them hidden in the bush or??? Hoe did they get reported?

  • lynne says

    shit i am so glad they are back at saints this has got to be one horrendous round trip for them. i so know that they are going to be so loved at saints welcome home little piggies.

  • angekins says

    Love the story Char & Wills! Thank you for being such good traveling companions today – you are finally home:)

  • Tammy says

    Sounds like it was a good day for the animals. Charlotte and Wills are safe and sound and Hal has been adopted.
    Congrats to all.

  • roff says

    Good news! Happy pigs! Happy SAINTS!

    good stuff

  • erin says

    i have a cash donation to bring to saints, (will bring it up next sat) she would like a tax receipt, want me to just leave it in edweirdos room?

  • laura says

    If you see me Erin I can take the donation and can give you a tax receipt right away

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