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Posted: March 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm

i had a quick visit with daph at the beginning and end of my day. she is getting perkier and today she was sporting the dreaded cone. between her incision, her cathetor and her iv’s..there were few too many things for her to unbore herself with. her bloodwork is back…her kidney function and infection are improving so it looks like the two last big things are the interior bladder healing and getting that stone out of her urethra. we won’t know about either of those outcomes until her surgery sometime next week.

the chicken house materials were delivered today, building starts tomorrow.
the cows got shut up for part of the day so they were kind of pissed.

i met with the insurence agent this evening..it is always so uplifting to be talking about one’s life insurence, anyway..the application is in..next comes the medical exam..oh freaking yay…another hour out of some other busy day.

i did a quick tour on my lunch break today..did you now that there is actually jobs out there to tour and interview various charities for potential donors to assist them in deciding where to spend their donation dollars? i think this makes a whole lot of sense..i think donors should have a good understanding on what work they are helping to support. i am thinking in my next life, i might enjoy that job…you get to meet a lot of kind and helpful people who on both sides of the supporter and worker-bee fence that want to make the world a bit better.

well this worker-bee still has worker-bee shit to do around here…(daph’s coming home cage is all set up comfy and nice and ready for her to come home to!)

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  • lynne says

    i was wondering sheila my daughter just cnanged her shift from afternoon to morning on the night of the fundraiser can she still get a ticket or just come and pay what ever.

  • sheila says

    Just have your daughter just come.

  • roff says

    I visualized Daphne inside the ‘dreaded cone,’ and laughed aloud. Thanks for that; it’s a good sign.

  • Happy to hear Daphne is coming home and hope she keeps getting stronger.

  • Cathy says

    Ah yes the dreaded cone. If any of you have not yet watched the movie UP i do recommend it. The dogs have what they call the “cone of shame”. It has good and bad dogs in it.

  • Penny says

    LOVE the movie “Up”. It’s brilliant. And the dogs are hilarious.

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