URGENT….heads up to the may long weekend volunteers

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:00 pm

on the saturday we have NO ONE for the house OR the mp building and i am working a day shift.

but the good news is i am on days off on sunday and monday. so if any of the sunday or monday house or mp building volunteers could switch their shift to saturday when i am not here..i am willing and easily able to clean both buildings on sunday and/or monday when i am here and not working.

can anyone switch their shifts with me please????

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  • ryan says

    Carol I will come up on Saturday and clean house or mp room.(if no1 else can make it ill clean both)

  • Ann C says

    I can come in too.

  • Caylee says

    Hey Carol, I will come back and do this Saturday in the house but I will definately not be here the following weekend because I should be 6 hours away. 🙂

  • Caylee says

    Wait… I just reread that. “Long weekend”. I assumed you needed someone for this Saturday but you mean the following one. Sorry, I won’t be around for that one.

  • laura says

    I can help and if there are any tours hopefully they are local and we can say can you please comeback another day….

  • dawn says

    I can do 9-11:30 on the Saturday if someone tells me what needs to be done.

  • Dionne says

    I can do sat instead of sun,I will be there monday as well.

  • Carol says

    yay..if on the saturday… ann and dionne can do house…and dawn can do bunnies and ryan the rest of the mp building guys…. we can cover the basics i can catch up on laundry and whatever else when i get home from work.
    laura can lend a hand in the house if there are no tours…and i will do dionnes shift in the house on sunday.

    yay..we figured it out! thx you guys so much!

  • dawn says

    Jenn, When you do up the schedule for that week, please give me details of what you need to get done in that area.


  • lynne says

    shit so sorry i will not be there but am looking forward to seeing my son on his 40.birthday. i so would have helped out but looks like you have it covered.

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